True Nature Radiant

photo by Anrael © 2011

True Nature radiant
Penetrating even deeper in
To where apartness alone and all
Like unto it lives in body,
And This is the result!

Such Glory apparent
Everywhere always & Only
Simply sharing & loving
In spontaneous freedom
Wholly…Holy Being.

An individual life,
A person of Being
A ray of radiance
Each & All
Lives secure in This
Known felt direct experience:
The Love all-embracing Power
In Unity Absolute that Is
This creative Life Only…ONLY!!!

That we may all live as such
This life is given.

In joyous radiant Love beyond eternal & infinite, yet right Here Now,

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2 Responses to True Nature Radiant

  1. Gayle says:

    That we may live as This … a ray of radiance that is simply the vehicle of light, clear, empty, of full Use. Beautiful. Thank you Anrael.

    • Anrael says:

      We are all given in truth to live as This;
      May we all realize and live as Such
      abiding within This that abides within us.

      Such Beauty and Brilliancy abound Here!
      Yes, “simply the vehicle of light, clear, empty, and full of Use!”
      The Truth so simple! BE STILL, KNOW, let this LOVE flow!

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