Angels in Disguise

What if all demons are angels in disguise?  As we play with Halloween costumes every year, dressing up as ghouls, goblins, and various & sundries of the dark side, of the shadows of the id, the unconscious—what if we engage in a conscious play of inviting our demons to tea, to the party?  As Tsultrum Allione works with this Tibetan model of psychological play: “feeding our demons” Halloween candy, or more accurately, the nectar of the sweetness love, compassion, conscious allowing is.

Our liberation work actually does this, invites what is surfacing from the darkness unconscious repression the id-y-ness of our giddiness.  On All Hollow’s Eve, we play the part, we burn the hex as we did in Austria in preparation to All Soul’s Day.  We can enjoy the Dios de los Muertos, the days of the dead, Oct. 31 – Nov 2, and allow a threshold to open within us that really allows the play of consciousness to open into the most feared demon of all: the grim reaper—Death!  OO—oo—oo-ooo ah-ha-ha-ha—It gets us all in the end!

Human inventiveness invites a time of the year to allow an opening in ritual play bringing to the surface and facing the demons that drive us to distraction when they lay smoldering in the underbelly making us behave demonically.  With the popularity of the growing culture of positivity eschewing the judged badness of negativity we are co-creating a greater war of divisiveness that only perpetuates suffering.  Far more creative and dynamic is developing a culture that invites demons consciously in order to discover the angels in disguise they are.  With this consecration to love we hallow our demons, they transform, their costumes get removed, layer by layer.

The presence of awareness as gentle kindness welcoming, receiving, openly discovering what is this demonic form actually made of, what drives it, whence comes it disarms it completely.   Non-resistant, non-violent letting be what is without actually acting out, indulging, running away, repressing allows what lies in the shadows to be met, actively consciously engaged with in a manner that brings to light what is even deeper within them, the inherent angels of our better nature.

Our transformation requires this process.  There is no getting positive without the embrace of the other pole, the judged negative.  We see that the dualistic judgment of good/bad, right/wrong born of immature egoic separation consciousness seeking pleasure avoiding pain drives the train of positivity and paradoxically funds the negativity of –e-v-i-l (live spelled backwards) in the process.  To disembark, to get off this train and get on the love train requires embracing what we have deemed unacceptable, which is actually thriving in the core of the ego.

In this liberation work, unlearning how not to be who we are, we put on the costume of the angel in disguise, learn the character from the inside out, and in the engagement of this process we knock knock knock at the door!!!  Will there be a treat for the demon, or … ?  “Trick or Treat!”

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