Inner Devotee

The One who dwells within
the cave of the Heart
is the beloved devotee
All.  Ever in service
in joyous abounding Love
leaps to offer all manner
of manna to suit the disguised Beggar;
words spoken, bodies mended
least of the devotee’s gifts.

Ever this silent denizen
of radiance pours forth
incorruptible bliss
pure waters of truth
to soothe the weary Beggar
traveling the long long road
where One has always been.

Gazing into the scene
where the story plays out
this devotee sees Only
the shining Love reflected
bows in humble recognition.

This One’s pure devotion
sees Only This One’s pure devotion
appearing everywhere in as
everything, and declining thought
Only loves this Love
even in mirror’s seeming
and unrequited reflection.

This One longs for all such
lenses on projectors be cleared
and quietly washes each lens
with tears of compassion
heart melting joy.


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  1. Gayle says:

    Beautiful. Your words ring through me in recognition of Truth.

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