Fettered Ones

Fettered Ones

Who amongst you would hear
and not turn away from the Truth
when it is inconvenient?

 Remember who you are!

Feel the pain of your present state
of forgetting.

Your spirit is imprisoned
chained to the wall
deep in the dungeon
of fear’s tyranny.
It starves, fettered ones,
languishing in your neglect
while you run about your worldly busyness.
Your little self-important trials and tribulations
mean nothing except as they bring you to the bottom
of your self-rejection.

Harsh words I speak to you, but true,
necessary to break through
your delusion,
to end your soul’s seclusion.

I have come
to proclaim Freedom,
to show the Way
to bring forth a new day.

The Promised Land
is at hand

This poem was published in Anrael’s book, What Lies Beyond, 1991, available from LightHearted Publications by donation plus shipping costs.  Please contact Anrael if you are interested in getting a signed copy of the limited first edition.
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Innocent of Pain

A very difficult part of our process is the recognition of how much pain we are in and how much we resist the pain we have or ever getting hurt again.  Our inner contraction away, our not paying attention to when we’re hurt, our lack of recognition of the amount of pain we cause ourselves on a daily basis keeps us in a pain field, or in as Ekhart Tolle puts it, in the “pain body.”

How we tend to ourselves, how we attend our experience has a lot to do with healing the ruptures of our pain, ceasing to cause ourselves pain, and discovering life that can be fully naked vulnerable and open to the experience of pain in a way that transforms pain.  During my years in hospice work, pain of all kinds was the primary focus of our work: physical, emotional, social, relational, psychological, mental and spiritual pain all get addressed, met with compassion, understanding, and treatment.  What does it take to die in peace?  What unmet unaddressed pain of past and present forecast into tomorrow needs finally to be gently met with loving kindness so we can let go, RIP: rest in peace?  How can this help those of us living everyday?

always shining glory

To relax and rest, and even bask in and as our radiant natural perfection is the endpoint of spiritual endeavors.  The ultimate non-doing of pure Being is our resting place our refuge our home and the source of our aliveness, activity and presence.  “Abide as Such” Ramana would say.  We discover that our True Nature, our innermost Being is innocent of pain. We being to understand that all experiences of pain return here and are embraced and absorbed until no memory of them exist at any level of our system.  This allows the inner relaxation in which this innocence is found to be who we are in Truth.

What You Resist

Resistance is painful.  When we allow ourselves to experience our resistance we discover its divisiveness which causes us pain.  We begin to recognize subtleties of the many ways we say “no” to our experiences of all forms, even our saying “yes” is a no to something.  Then we begin to see how “what you resist persists” works.  We hold whatever “it” is to be real and true by saying a persistent no to it which then keeps it going.  To find non-participation and freedom from this dilemma and our habituated reflexive reactions, we have to be subtly consciously present and willing to experience everything.  This is extremely difficult to do if we have been abused, traumatized, hurt, abandoned, rejected, betrayed, exiled.  It takes strength and courage to unravel the ways we are bound up in our pain.

The Wisdom of No Escape

Most of us turn to spirituality as a way to escape pain and suffering.  We want an end to it, and we can have lovely spiritual experiences that are pain free spiritual highs.  Then we get back to our daily life and here it is again.  Before long, that spiritual experience fades and we are sad and disappointed that here again we are suffering.  While beautiful spiritual experiences are helpful, our work is integrating This that is forever innocent of pain into our daily living.  It takes an instant and lifetimes, practice, devotion and determination every day, every moment.  It is the mature aspirant who discovers it’s time to call off the search and nakedly vulnerably be here in the moment, in experience as is and Meet ourselves in the living Heart of Truth, even when it seems utterly impossible.

Our Way to Innocence

Liberation Work, bringing what is ignorant, occluded and in pain to the Light of the pure Heart of Being is our way to innocence.  We need the support of those also in the LightHearted way to remind us to be present, aware and to open in deeper to the soft underbelly.  Our vulnerability is such a gift which allows us to be receptive to our Essence, the healing balm of our Presence, the embrace that receives everything back with open arms.  We discover how to relax in the midst of our instinctual fear-based reactions into allowing rather than resist by fighting, running away or grasping and holding on for dear life.

We find the means to allow us to enter in to our experience.  The skillful means of presencing and inquiry, of being supporting by the True Friend in those who can hold space and help us find the space within to allow the naturalness of our nature to unfold. We notice the warp and woof of experience without judgment, condemnation or agenda to change it.  In allowing it to be what it is, it reveals itself and what is needed.  We simply want to know what is real, whence it comes, what it consists of because we simply want to understand the workings of our system, of our being, to know ourselves in Truth. We recognize that by trying to turn ourselves into something different, into some idea and ideal of how we think we’re, they’re or it’s  supposed to be for whatever reason we do a violence to ourselves, others, our experience–one that adds to our suffering and pain.  To realize that who we are has no difficulty with any experience and to live as such comes from being real, telling the truth, being in our experience purely, nakedly, vulnerably, openly, non-separate.  Here innocence is restored; pain is allowed and met in non-interference non-resistance but letting be, what our system has been longing for forever, formations return to the formless including the formation of pain.   Gangaji says, “When you know how to suffer it isn’t suffering.”

Settle in, hunker down in to the moment and discover, right here and now, what is being experienced.  Simply notice and allow within the direct experience of being simply aware exactly where you are as you are right now, let be and see.

You can share your experience in the comment section.  Contact Anrael for support in direct experience, liberation work, and companionship of the True Friend.

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Without Words

“Our liberation work together is meant to develop and cultivate the direct experience of our True Nature in everyday life experience.  When we learn to meet our experience directly, without words, we uncover what is real and essential.”  ~Anrael

“It is not always necessary to think words.  Words often keep me from acting in a fully intuitive way.  Fears, indecision, and frustration feed on words.  Without words, they usually stop.  When I am trying to figure out how to relate to someone, if I will stop thinking words, and listen to the situation, and just be open, I find I act in a more appropriate, more spontaneous, often original, sometimes more courageous way.  Words are good at times for looking back, but they are confining when I need to act in the present.”  ~Hugh Prather

Such a lovely opening occurs when we come to a place in which thinking is optional, when we actually recognize it is not necessary to think or use words to live and function well—that in fact thinking, using words and naming things often interferes incredibly in our living spiritual experience, with our relationships, with our creativity.  (What a funny thing to write about with words in a blog!!!)

Direct Experience

Last evening during a private meeting, moving into and exploring experience, the movement into the direct experience of the moment occurred: no thought, no resistance, no words, pure sensation and awareness together as one.  The experience shifted into “stillness…the absence of anything.”  The formation disappeared and pure Being as the absence of things, concepts, of anything at all was being directly experienced!

To allow our consciousness to directly experience what is in the moment without interference or resistance, without thoughts, words or action to change is what I call presencing.  Presencing, or to presence is non-action involving focalized awareness in the moment.  It gives us the most intimate sense of being in contact with ourselves, touching in deeply.  It gives a sensibility of being genuine, authentic and okay.

In this intimate sense of contact and communion, the formation and structure, the anatomy of the experience becomes clear: sensation, thought, feeling, and reactivity.  Patterns of learned behaviors that are mental, emotional, physical, karmic, inherited, acquired and absorbed from the environment, conditioned, genetically encoded, cellular and remembered generate our suffering and pleasure, our aversion and grasping behaviors.  Layers of conditioning are penetrated through inquiry that arises naturally and spontaneously when we are one in our experience letting be as is.  Inquiry can take the form of wordless wondering and exploration, sensing and feeling into experience.  No worded questions are necessary, though they can help sometimes.  When we learn to remain in the experience penetrating all the way through to the source, we may discover wonders of limitlessness.

Pure Expression

To be the way, truth and life we cultivate a way of being that is in aligned accord with the functioning of our true nature.  The Wings of Freedom:  Presence and Inquiry are the skillful means by which we relax back into the naturalness of our Being, which naturally liberates and thereby is free to function easily through us.  Then we are the pure expression of Truth Alive, the fulfillment of our potential.

So we begin with the simplicity of being right where we are, noticing the details of our experience, including the constant stream of words, and how they define, limit, interfere, cause distress, and we may simply opt to stop all that mental activity that is focused on mental content.  We find that we can let it all just be or fall away while we look deeper than the shallows of thinking.  This allows our attention to open into the direct experience of the moment and our inherent loving intelligence to act, spontaneously and freely, simply and effortlessly, appropriately, originally and even surprisingly.

Try it out!  It’s fun! This is a LightHearted Way of Being and living.


Please feel free 😉 to write your wordless experiment in the comment section.  As always, if you would like support in this work, please contact Anrael.

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A Question of Aliveness

Why are we here?  What is the purpose of our existing?  What is the meaning of life?  How can these questions support our everyday living?

For the most part, we don’t have these questions as a part of our lives, and yet we are living the answers and don’t know it or realize the consequences.  We live out of the conditioned mind that has accepted and agreed with the answers found by those who’ve come before us.  What if those answers aren’t correct?  What if those answers limit us to the possibilities known by those who’ve just passed them along and don’t know for themselves?

The Wisdom of Not Knowing

A large part of inquiry is not knowing the answer.  The best scientific investigations involve not knowing.  The scientists are discovering for themselves what is real and true, if a hypothesis is correct or not, provable, can be replicated.  When we approach our spiritual liberation work from this perspective, we open the door to greater possibility and already we are more alive, curious, interested, engaged, involved, and open.  We, our own mind, heart, body and soul become the laboratory of our living experiment.  We become more excited, a flame begins to burn within—a living flame of Truth becomes lit with a deep interest in discovering for ourselves what is real and true.

As we begin to question, we will uncover many of the underlying assumptions that are a part of our make up and that actually drive and direct a lot of our activity.  Ideas like, “We are here to: survive, and to do that we have to earn a living;  find love, get married and raise a family; get enlightened and leave the mortal coil behind; live a good and decent life so the afterlife will be better; to be able to have, do and get what is wanted when it is wanted, “ and so forth.  We seldom question these basic ideas and assumptions unless conditions and circumstances bring us to wonder.

Why not wonder now?  Do we believe these are true?  How are they working out for us?  Do they bring a sense of happiness or satisfaction?  Are we here to be happy and satisfied?

Most people don’t allow themselves to radically not know the answers.  Most people are deeply afraid that if they let go of these assumptions and their consequent limitations that give a sense of false security they won’t survive.  As a result, as Thoreau put it, most people “lead lives of quiet desperation.”  The misery in the world is the result.

To discover why we are here, we have to be where we are right here and now, in the not knowing realization of this moment’s—this unique never before never again moment’s experience.  When we really don’t know, when we give away every reason we think we know, the answer can make itself evident in the moment.

For example, we might recognize that we are at work and on the job because we have to be here for x,y,z reasons.  If we sincerely look to see why we think we are there, and genuinely not know that is true, what happens then?

What if our thinking we know something limits all possibility of freshness, of aliveness? We may discover how much resistance we have to being where we are because of what we think we know about it. “I am here visiting my pain-in-the-neck relative because it’s my duty, it makes me a good person and I am earning my wings.”  Really?

When we begin genuinely to wonder why we are where we are, what really causes us to do what we are doing, we can uncover all sorts of content that we don’t really resonate with when we actually feel our way into it.  We can also recognize our body’s tension, usually a chronic state of tension.  The body emulates consciousness inclusive of unconsciously held beliefs and our dissatisfaction with them.

If people get this far, and few do, they frequently don’t know what to do.  They latch onto yet someone else’s belief; find a place to belong where there’s a better set of assumptions offered.  Nothing wrong with that, yet still, sometimes quite literally, buying into what someone else has discovered for themselves.

The Primary Question

What if the primary question of aliveness is an open question?  What if we are to continually fuel and fan the flame of Truth Alive by being in the discovery moment to moment?  What if not knowing is a radically alive way of being?  Might that be fun and exciting? What if even when the task of the moment is dull and boring, if we question in the midst of doing the task, “why am I here?”  “What do I really believe?” “What if it isn’t true?”  “Why in the entire world am I manifesting here in this moment in this place in this activity?”  If we can stay with it and penetrate down through layers of reasons, beliefs, ideas, assumptions to the place where we actually, radically don’t know at all, we might just find out—for this unique moment, anyway.

Part of the key is to stay in the questioning process until all reasonable, known answers are recognized and further questioned—what if that’s not the real reason?  We find many answers that we think are true, some of which we like, some of which we don’t, all good in the process of radical Self-inquiry.

To come authentically to the Heart of radical aliveness, we have to wonder, what if there is no reason?  What if we can NOT really know?  What if it truly is a matter of discovery?  What can I discover in not knowing why, for instance, I answer the phone right now?  What if I even think I know who is calling and why, what if I truly stop knowing that and step into the moment not having a clue, being innocently sagely clueless, fully consciously present, alive, discovering?  Great masters are very like young children in this respect, spontaneous and free in the moment.  Papaji – Innocence of a trusting Child

In any moment, like right now for instance, we can question and discover, be present and wonder, not as a matter of idle curiosity, but really deeply sincerely interested.  What can we discover right here and now reading this?  The answers just might blow you away!  Please take a moment to leave your discovery in the space provided below.

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Epiphany and Three Sages

gifts of the maji

The arising revelation realized in the human Christ Life, the life of Unity Consciousness made human to dwell among mortals is celebrated today.  In all those in whom the profound recognition of Unity Consciousness that is known by many names in addition to Christ, is recognized and adored through the action of those who are given to recognize what is born moment to moment in every instant of Being.

The magnificence that Is the love light that returns to earth and embodies Itself in form in order to transmute by compassion through living the very base human life in an exalted way is evidence of the adoration of Holy Being for Itself. For Itself in very human life languishing in sufferings of the false yet believed experience of separation from Itself in most profound ways.

In meeting with many of you, I am struck by the merciful beauty of the Being we are and the boundless capacity to love, embrace, transform our suffering, to welcome and take all in until it dissolves in holy communion of One Life, One Truth, One Being alive.  What breaks us open sets us free.  When we let be the pain in our core, in the very depths of our humanity we are united with one another in this reality of human suffering.  Many have shared the recognition of the many who suffer the same hurt within the experience of our own pain.

Many try to use spirituality to avoid pain, but true spiritual practice gives the means to penetrate through until we “overcome” as Jesus said.  In recent days I have ridden waves of suffering with many of you that have taken consciousness deeply in to the bonds, the heart and soul of this insane world of pain human beings co-create through taking such pains to avoid pain. Many of you are strongly feeling there is life that is ready to come through free of suffering.  As we meet the pain that overtakes and engulfs us in its sorrow, fear, anger, and despair by letting be compassionately, a profound change takes place.  By delving into the holes where something essential is achingly missing, we can discover what is Here, not apart from our experience, but within it, awaiting our willingness to enter in and discover.

Experiences of those who have been tortured to death in genocidal insanities are coming up out of the genetics, the cells, and the souls of some of us.  WE are embodying the turning of the tide that is the genocidal mania going on among us today, even while we experience the soul-less heartlessness of our very wealthy society’s headlong rush toward self annihilation, pursuing the emptiness of get rich quick to inure oneself from suffering.  Mother Teresa noted the impoverishment of riches we suffer.  Those of us who open into the suffering that is beyond the bounds of our individuality recognize as the dear and great Savior did: we are in this together.

Born into the lowliness of human conditioning, those of deepest sagacity followed the light of the single eye, the guiding light of profound Self-realization, to the most humble of human circumstances among the animal nature of human Beingness, bowed low and gave gifts of adoration., gifts of great value in recognition of the gift given from the transcendent to upraise the life lived here on earth.  This is the guiding Principle that gives our lives meaning and purpose, is the most profound offering of the Beloved: to be born into the suffering within the false, and through living the life, the way the truth and the life, bring it Home to the true.

In studying the lives of those who survive the horrors of torture, genocide, or simply life lived in soul-less heartless business-as-usual society that expects everything and gives little, finding the opening into the embrace of the Love This Is in the midst of the heartbreaking pain is redemption.  We meet what can no longer be resisted when our hearts finally break open, when we admit into our conscious awareness what has been lurking around inside repressed, suppressed, forgotten, and ignored.  We notice that life brings us situations and circumstances that bring this content to the surface where it cannot be ignored, hard as we try.  We don’t recognize this as a healing crises, a clearing out of what no longer applies, the liberation work of our deepest True Nature redeeming and bringing all itself home, mercifully, cell by cell, in such a way that it is not possible to participate in dualistic separation consciousness; in such a way that our compassion burns within us as a light to all that suffer in dimness of unconsciousness and ignorance.  We meet even the enemy, the perpetrators and recognize our own acting out of the avoided ignored pain.  Injustice, inequality are intolerably painful now, and we meet it with this compassionate fire that is in unity with everyone, and does not participate or indulge in being separate from any one, any aspect of it, and embraces, takes in, receives unto the infinite heart all formations of untruth with wisdom and merciful compassion, with strength, and the power to Be In and function as Unity Consciousness not swayed by appearances, in Self-knowing carefree self-abandon in wholeness.

To all those who suffer in ignorance, to all those in transition awakening, to all those who have awakened, who live the life we offer adoration in in the forms of generous gifts, wisdom in action that we have to bring to this moment:

¨      our gold, material goodness, financial support for the living on earth, symbol of elemental goodness and love;

¨      our frankincense, our service and heartfelt unified action for the good of all that burns away with heaven scent love all obstruction and obscuration;

¨      and myrrh, the rich elemental wisdom of earth, the oils that soothe and anoint, the very loam of the groundless ground that fuels, lights and nurtures every day living in sacrifice, deep sacred living moment to moment.

We offer all we have and are most humbly bowed before This that is born and made flesh to dwell among us, and bring heaven to earth and all Home free in Truth Now.

You are loved and adored as you are right now, dearest One.  Be born anew in this Love giving all away to This which adores, and simply Be Who You Are.  Relax, rest and open into the knowing Love that adores Itself in Truth in all form as is.  As gratitude arises, give it life of action in form.  Make like the magi, the seer sages who recognize Truth alive, and give all for the good that is greater and is the actualized evidence of goodwill toward All we are the embodied vehicles of and for; give your adoration of and to the true in you, in all.  Bow most humbly and give way all to the living life force of Love arising in and as you as you are right where you are this instant.  Epiphany realized here and now.

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Book Review: Loving What Is

Four Questions That Can Change Your Life, by Byron Katie with Stephen Mitchell

“If you aren’t completely comfortable in the world, do The Work.  That’s what every uncomfortable feeling is for—that’s what pain is for, what money is for, what everything in the world is for: your self-realization.  It’s all a mirror image of your own thinking.  Judge it, investigate it, turn it around, and set yourself free, if freedom is what you want.  It’s good that you experience anger, fear or sadness.  Sit down, identify the story, and do The Work.  Until you can see everything in the world as a friend, your Work is not done.”

Byron Katie offers a very specific process of inquiry that cuts through the story of suffering revealing the support and presence underlying the interpreted experiences we tell ourselves about;  her questions and what she calls The Work, allow people to penetrate through the stances and pain of separation right into peace, or joy, or love, clarity.

I am often looking to help people get a better sense of inquiry and how to engage with it, and Loving What Is is of great assistance.  A thorough process involving putting your mind on paper, or “judge your neighbor” (worksheet can be found on her website), elicits all the feelings, thoughts, shoulds and oughta’s we have in our story, and then, sentence by sentence, you do inquiry per her four questions and turnaround, and voila!   It’s really pretty ingenious and I recommend it.

Is it true?

Can you absolutely know that it’s true?

How do you react when you think that thought?

Who would you be without that thought?

The “turnaround” allows us to take the reflection back into ourselves, to own what we project and thereby free ourselves.  For example, the statement, “Paul doesn’t listen to me. ” is turned around three times (she recommends three): I don’t listen to Paul; I don’t listen to me; Paul listens to me.  You can’t get to the turnaround without the Work with the four questions though.  Familiarizing yourself with this process will enhance our Liberation Work.

Here is a link to a beautiful example of engaging in The Work with Byron Katie:
Being Gay Is Unnatural

Until we see everything in the world as The True Friend, our work isn’t done. ~Anrael

“I don’t let go of my concepts—I meet them with understanding and they let go of me…There is no thought or situation that you can’t put up against inquiry.  Every thought, every person, every apparent problem is here for the sake of your freedom.  When you experience anything as separate or unacceptable, inquiry can bring you back to the peace you felt before you believed that thought.”

-Byron Katie

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Angels in Disguise

What if all demons are angels in disguise?  As we play with Halloween costumes every year, dressing up as ghouls, goblins, and various & sundries of the dark side, of the shadows of the id, the unconscious—what if we engage in a conscious play of inviting our demons to tea, to the party?  As Tsultrum Allione works with this Tibetan model of psychological play: “feeding our demons” Halloween candy, or more accurately, the nectar of the sweetness love, compassion, conscious allowing is.

Our liberation work actually does this, invites what is surfacing from the darkness unconscious repression the id-y-ness of our giddiness.  On All Hollow’s Eve, we play the part, we burn the hex as we did in Austria in preparation to All Soul’s Day.  We can enjoy the Dios de los Muertos, the days of the dead, Oct. 31 – Nov 2, and allow a threshold to open within us that really allows the play of consciousness to open into the most feared demon of all: the grim reaper—Death!  OO—oo—oo-ooo ah-ha-ha-ha—It gets us all in the end!

Human inventiveness invites a time of the year to allow an opening in ritual play bringing to the surface and facing the demons that drive us to distraction when they lay smoldering in the underbelly making us behave demonically.  With the popularity of the growing culture of positivity eschewing the judged badness of negativity we are co-creating a greater war of divisiveness that only perpetuates suffering.  Far more creative and dynamic is developing a culture that invites demons consciously in order to discover the angels in disguise they are.  With this consecration to love we hallow our demons, they transform, their costumes get removed, layer by layer.

The presence of awareness as gentle kindness welcoming, receiving, openly discovering what is this demonic form actually made of, what drives it, whence comes it disarms it completely.   Non-resistant, non-violent letting be what is without actually acting out, indulging, running away, repressing allows what lies in the shadows to be met, actively consciously engaged with in a manner that brings to light what is even deeper within them, the inherent angels of our better nature.

Our transformation requires this process.  There is no getting positive without the embrace of the other pole, the judged negative.  We see that the dualistic judgment of good/bad, right/wrong born of immature egoic separation consciousness seeking pleasure avoiding pain drives the train of positivity and paradoxically funds the negativity of –e-v-i-l (live spelled backwards) in the process.  To disembark, to get off this train and get on the love train requires embracing what we have deemed unacceptable, which is actually thriving in the core of the ego.

In this liberation work, unlearning how not to be who we are, we put on the costume of the angel in disguise, learn the character from the inside out, and in the engagement of this process we knock knock knock at the door!!!  Will there be a treat for the demon, or … ?  “Trick or Treat!”

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Inner Devotee

The One who dwells within
the cave of the Heart
is the beloved devotee
All.  Ever in service
in joyous abounding Love
leaps to offer all manner
of manna to suit the disguised Beggar;
words spoken, bodies mended
least of the devotee’s gifts.

Ever this silent denizen
of radiance pours forth
incorruptible bliss
pure waters of truth
to soothe the weary Beggar
traveling the long long road
where One has always been.

Gazing into the scene
where the story plays out
this devotee sees Only
the shining Love reflected
bows in humble recognition.

This One’s pure devotion
sees Only This One’s pure devotion
appearing everywhere in as
everything, and declining thought
Only loves this Love
even in mirror’s seeming
and unrequited reflection.

This One longs for all such
lenses on projectors be cleared
and quietly washes each lens
with tears of compassion
heart melting joy.


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Chalice of Light


Oh! This simplicity: stand fast in awareness
loving truth in self-abandoned fidelity
in the open wonder of curiosity
not knowing—such a sacred blessing—
breathlessly awaiting the arising Light
that plays about in and as form
yet remains so pure, empty and perfect,
and complete within the formless
brilliant and beautiful beyond conception!


We are the chalice
the open receptacle for the hallowed
for the forever unspoken Name;
utterly denuded by Truth
in rapturous ever-unfolding embrace
Lover Belovèd in unity
Home free.


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The Ecology of Radical Aliveness

The previous post about radical abundance led to radical aliveness.  Exploring radical aliveness more brought the following forth.

We are amazing creatures: bio-energetic, psychosocial, spiritual ecological systems of consciousness that is multi-interdimensionally aware and alive.  Cool, huh?  Most of us are in some degree or another of closed: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, inter-relationally which results in all kinds of distress in all those areas including bio-energetically and ecologically.  Thus we have come to the point in which we have and are creating crises of intensity which we require to overcome, transcend and thus by dire necessity become resourced to transform our situations.  It is time we find out how to transform out of excitement and joy rather than abject suffering!  Our situations are the result of our closed systems of consciousness.  One of the primary ways our systems are closed is through identity and dual (e.g. self/other) consciousness: these are literally the same.  Our essential and evident Unity is ignored due to ignorance and the self-perpetuated closing of our systems to what is real and what is true in favor of the pleasure principle: avoid pain and discomfort usually at all costs.  We therefore live in the false, and our entire society is literally funded by our avoidance/grasping mental, emotional economic behaviors taking place within an unconscious agreement field: this insanity is what we humans do to “survive.” We are not even doing survival all that well, we are more zombie-like, walking corpses.  We operate out of the false assumption that, “this is the way things are.”

Beyond Survival

We are not surviving, not living and growing.  The number of children that cannot finish high school is a testament.  The number of children sick and ill with obesity, let alone getting medications for depression and anxiety is a testament.  The number of children with weapons in schools killing themselves and one another is our big time wake up call, and what are we doing about it?  Will it take another Columbine massacre?  Many people are moving into a kind of social entrepreneurship: not-for-profit endeavors to change the world.  This is a lovely development, but it does not get to the root cause: the closed systems that by virtue of their structures are not open to radical aliveness of Being, of human Being.

Each person alive has the opportunity to choose to be and to be fully and completely alive in every moment.  We have the capacity to learn, grow, transform deeply in creative discovery through our experience as it is right now.  It is our nature to do so, organic, natural unfolding of This which is the Source and cause of our lives.  We don’t have to attain something we don’t have, or get involved in an endless fixer upper project of renovation.  We’ve only to unlearn how NOT to be who we are.  In our training as humans we’ve been inducted into a closed fixated system that is self-defeating and deadly—that’s what closed systems are.  They will always collapse in upon themselves and die.  Because we are ignorant and unconscious, falsely identified and driven by our unconscious, we are suffering, our systems are therefore under incredible duress in every aspect of our lives, and are actively breaking down.

We live in the shallows on the surface of what is a fathomless wealth of limitlessness, so busy with our attempts to avoid our suffering (which perpetuates it), that we don’t give ourselves the opportunity to slow down and really notice and be in our experience let alone stop the madness.  We think making it in the world as the world says making it entails is what we are supposed to be doing.  It is a great day when we realize that what we have literally bought into, invested our time, energy, blood, sweat and tears into day after day only perpetuates suffering—only, and that includes those brief passing moments of seeming worldly success and achievement.

Awake, Aware, Arisen and Alive

Papaji would talk about making a firm decision to be free.  This decision can be a wonderful discipline and support, because while we don’t have a lot of experience or understanding about being free when we feel really ready to make such a decision, something within us knows what we are choosing, it feels right and accurate somewhere inside us.  It is a decision that informs our day to day living, begins an investigation into our experience, begins a movement within, and a change from an ignorant and unconscious closed system into the discovery process of an open-system: open-minded, open-hearted, open-bellied, open-spirited.  It is a scientific artistic mystic undertaking in daily life involving profoundly being in the moment as it is.  When we begin to undertake simply being fully conscious in the here and now, we begin to discover that we are not programmed for that at all.  We are not only entranced into an ignorant state of separation that does not exist, but we are deeply conditioned to it, habituated.  To undo all of this, to cease participation in it, people called to change historically have had to leave the world: go into mystery schools, monastaries, ashrams, caves in mountains in order to find the lack of stimulus that creates the reflex to continue functioning as programmed.  We have no idea how much we are like Data of Star Trek fame wanting to be really profoundly human.  We have had to leave to discover a place in which openness is supported and supportable.  En masse, we cannot do this, so we must develop life situations which support life, inclusive of our whole being at all levels.  We are involved in this undertaking now, and need to be more consciously active in our creative response to the dire need of our time.

The good news is that this is our design.  We are a creative living system of radical aliveness!  Our systems are all set up for openness and functioning optimally as who we are in truth and we actually do so all the time, we just don’t know how to recognize it.  The human spirit has received its wake up call, and awakening is spreading out all over!  Like never before in human history, people in everyday life are working to discover a kind of creative dynamic relationship to their lives, to themselves in order to discover the creative dynamism that is our very nature.  It is going in fits and starts because the problems we have created, the issues we face in daily life—the solution arises from one place only:  within us, within the transcendent within us, within the transcendent made immanent through us—fully awake, alive, arisen and active right here and now in our lives as they ordinarily are.  How amazing!!!  We get to discover together, co-creatively, how we function when we are completely open and receptive to our creative life force.  The possibilities are quite literally endless.

Accept What Is Within

So here at LightHearted Enterprises we meet to discover the natural, organic ecology of radical aliveness together, to open into what is real in the moment, and in so doing open the closed system of our bio-energetic, psycho-social, spiritual ecological conditioning into our inherent freedom awaiting deep within us.  We are radically transformed from within in a natural evolving unfolding process which progresses optimally and this is what answers all our needs and desires, our necessities for an environment that not only allows survival, but that begets flourishing as the creative dynamic human Being we are in truth.  You are invited to accept the invitation arising from within you to be who you are, into an authentic life of creative discovery in joyous radical abundant aliveness: Being Real.

Decide to BE Radically Alive

The discipline of a firm decision like a true marriage is one that is remade moment by moment.  Deciding to love when it is really hard, being true to the truth when everything is falling apart.  The sacred marriage of Love and Beloved is the Heart of the matter, our wedded bliss, the sacred ineluctable bond of our true nature.  When this is consciously incorporated we are free beyond our most exquisite imaginings, we are human Being.  Let this be the ordinariness of our lives, the fresh in the moment extraordinary new normal.  We then simply are the change we are longing for in the aching of our hearts, the sorrow of our souls, the despair of our beings.  One of the things Ramana would say when speaking would emerge from the great silent depths of Being, was, “BE as you are. Just Be.”  This was said with the great authority of the One who knows and IS: Be.  It is the command arising from within our own Being, the One Being that only IS: Be right here right now, no other time exists but in our mind.  As you read this, this word right this very second, stop everything and BE.  Let this be the final word on the subject:  BE!!! J  In lots of joyous raucous belly laughter, rolling on the floor:  BE!!!  In reverant solemnity: BE!!!  In whatever is: BE!!!  Be Real, tell it like it is with kindness and compassion for our entrancement and ruthless willingness to be free:  BE!!!  For Goodness’ sake, for the Good of All:  BE!!!  Let the rumbling arising from the depths within overtake, “I want to just Be!” Dance it, sing it, sweat it, choose it, fail it, grab it, let it loose, wrestle with it, fall into it fully, without reservation or restriction but with total self-abandon, BEEEEEE!!!

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