The Sounding Board

Morning dawns …

a fresh day, renewed renewing
inner arising brings 
the clear inner light
and quiet of Silence
the sounding board of Life

sincerity quickens the soul
with a love of truth
that surpasses all understanding —
everything is given way
in the giving way

the inner abiding ruthlessness
of merciful annihilating love
nails all movement to stillness —
momentarily eternal
unmoving endless presence
that is a pure absence
that eliminates everything
believed, indulged… forgives
gives for good and all

it is found in the deep places
where brokenness is denied
but not escaped forever
inescapable misery comes
knocking at the walls
of self defeat —
such mercy such mercy!

the sounding board
of silence resounds impeccably
no doubt, no fear
all is nothing here
thundering throughout all
the unspeakable truth

This only Is, I Am Is This
in all the deep dark denied broken 
human heart mind belly soul This enters
as we let be
our pains
admitting them
admitting them…

submitting them to This living
love’s all-seeing knowing
unconditional scrutiny
where our waves break
on the shores of existence

nothing to be done
and This acts

through us
This sees
the brokenness and pain in action
embodied is subjected directly crosswise
amid it surrenders and loves,
at grace’s behest, forgiving occurs
in the dream turned nightmare
believed and acted upon
even among those who love their best
and fail, are blind yet, lost
forlorn pure light enduring
what exists among the disenfranchised
disconnected until the pain of loss, lostness, 
grief is the unmistaken true calling home
of the sounding board within all. 
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