LightHearted Enterprises is all about empowering people into their true estate as the living Presence of Being; bringing forth out of the limitless potential of our true nature each person’s unique contribution to the inherent goodness Life is; revealing what is within such that people realize a way of living that is natural, authentic, harmonious, exciting, creative, joyous and free.  By offering companionship and support through meetings, retreats, practices, and education, we work that everyone may realize their essential LightHearted-ness and Be the change we want to see in the world.

May everything you read herein inspire and imbue with the Light of the Heart of pure Being.


To be light of heart—
of Heart’s Light—
To be nothing
but This—
that is the true question
which evokes the answer
that is LightHearted.
LightHearted living
is Being
Who we are.
Just Be
wait and see, actively
what Life brings
forth from within
in, through and as unique you.
One Being, US: Unity Self
uniquely as each
unit of unanimity humanity—
playful, delighted, creative,
open, free, beloved,
loving brilliant beauty
radiant, effulgent
whole and complete
living LightHearted.