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In answer to a post with this quote and question: what do you think is your strongest imprint from your homeland? The following arose:

The notions of freedom and independence, democracy. The powerful mythology of the birth of such a nation in battle.

On the one hand, various kinds of freedom reflect an essential truth and our spirits respond to it. The ideal plays a big role in our collective. Yet on the other hand we are less free, more entranced and awash by fear, unrepresented and far more overtaxed in so many ways than our fore-parents. We war against everything and our government is as imperialist as the one we supposedly got independence from …

The Birth of our Nation was a traumatic one. Fighting for inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness seems to be manipulated into divisiveness not toward “a more perfect union.”

But look further back, the homelands of so many people living in this land harken back to the old world. Fiefdoms, petty kings and vassels CEOs and underpaid overworked people we replay the dark ages of plague while the descendants of the same families remain immune in their guilded cages. But “let them eat sweet cakes” at low cost that sickens instead of nourishes … let us not forget the on-going genocides of the first peoples of this homeland …

Personally I’ve had to declare Peace within the shores of my being. My own birth was traumatic as well as my nation’s was. Ending my inner wars, conflicts, fulfilling lacks, healing what’s plagued my body, has been Life’s work in me, day by day, step by step, breath by breath. The ancestors of my worldly homelands passed down to me the generative willingness to end it with this kid. I’ve discovered the essential movement of Being is not hampered by time, but passes back and forward eradicating the lie of separation, otherness, divide and conquer. The mythology and real archetypes of our actual freedom in unity abound. A jubilant silent song sings itself in the spheres of my cells, energy bodies, intergalactic universal Beingness. I live, yet not I, lives increasingly in the Land of the free and the Home of the brave Heart. If it can happen in my life, it can happen in any life. It requires the willingness to do whatever it takes — an inherent-ance — passed down in the genes of every soul on earth. We’ve got This and This has US — that entirely free Unity Self we all are unique individualized expression of already. Our fulfillment of that actuality is at hand.

Will the current r’evolution in consciousness seeded in the rich field of abundant Life — the Real Homeland we are all given regardless of birth — in an occupied territory by conquerors — will This Garden flourish? Are we free enough to let it all be met and pervaded by the power of love with the truth of essential unity? Where is our attention — still in the traumatic battlegrounds of our worldly homelands or are we excavating deeply enough to find Home Here Now? Will we live in the Peace thereof free of identity, nationality, and fighting daily for survival that can lead, in its depths, to the realization of Peace and freedom in unity and love for all Life and people in the realized, embodied and lived truth of our Being?

Home free in unity. What is true essentially lives in potential in every soul and the heart of humanity. Will we do what it takes to realize and actualize what we mysteriously know is actual? The Light is ever arising from the groundless ground of the Heart of Being. Will we till that soil of our souls? Will we allow that LoveLight to guide and enlighten us in this darkness? Will we discover the abundant Life that enlivens every particle of existence and share the wealth? How is our Homeland affecting us directly? I ask these questions not rhetorically but directly. Until we find out for ourselves we will continue to be doomed to repeat the battle worn time tested patterns of the past. The collective up-wising calls each of us. It’s an inside job first and foremost, the greatest adventure and call to freedom imaginable. We actually are the answer to the prayers that have gone up from each person that ever lived. We are the One we are searching and waiting for — it’s not coming from elsewhere to rescue us. It’s right here in the blood, sweat, tears of our bodies; in our embracing arms, sharing hands holding One another in the Light that abides within the Heart of living Truth.

“We are stardust,
We are golden,
And we’ve got to get ourselves
Back to the Garden.”
~Joni Mitchell

Home Here Now. 💎❤️‍🔥
LightHeartedly, 💖
Anrael 😍


About Anrael

Anrael is currently operating this LightHearted adoration ministry supporting transformation of consciousness, from homosapien(overly mental) to homoluminous (shining as Heart of Being coherently), bringing forth renewed species and new earth. Anrael has worked in spiriting and inspiring well-Being professionally since 1975 in lots of different venues with wide range of populations from womb to tomb. She is an explorer in consciousness since 1968. She has two masters degrees, EdM, MSW and trainings too numerous to mention. She has practiced and studied many wisdom traditions along with science and psychology in wide range of modalities resulting in interdimensional holyfractalgraphic direct embodied experience that moves through the Allness we are and includes Totality and Actuality vividly alive as Is. The wonders of social science, psychology, working in and through relationship, and physics, holography and cosmometry—all dancing fullness and emptiness in a vulnerable openness completely supported by the transcendent that is fully immanent: Being This fully alive and completely real NowHere fullfilling our limitless potential. All This she enjoys sharing in union with This with each and all in a variety of ways: individually, with couples, groups, speaking, writing, simply Being with what is, sharing blessings of conscious union. 🙏💖
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