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The Shattering Light of the Real

There are constructs of the conditioned mind to which we are attached, with which we are identified that get shattered, broken, destroyed. That sounds violent doesn’t it? Scary. The wrathful god of Judaism, the wrathful dieties of Buddhism, Shiva and … Continue reading

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Fall Equinox Experience, Stargate date 9/21/18

This morning’s meditation found a desire for light to balance all the deep dark beauty of the black flame’s bourgeoning throughout the holyfractalgram. The equality of light and dark, night and day speaks breathes yin and yang amid the Tslagi performed … Continue reading

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The Sounding Board

Morning dawns … a fresh day, renewed renewing inner arising brings  the clear inner light and quiet of Silence the sounding board of Life sincerity quickens the soul with a love of truth that surpasses all understanding — everything is … Continue reading

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BIG* Helping of Humble Pie

My recent ingestion of PIE (Presence Incorporating Everything) regarding car and finances was handled so beautifully by Grace acting through several of The Belovèd kin I Am has offered broadening deepening realization. Realization is a system upgrade: no one is becoming more realized, … Continue reading

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Smiling Skies

This morning the smiling rainbow skies air filled with sparkling magic snow dust the glorious splendor of morning sun… the unique snow flake lifted up into the calm open air the shimmering face of God revealed smiling down on such … Continue reading

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Inner Devotee

The One who dwells within the cave of the Heart is the beloved devotee of All.  Ever in service in joyous abounding Love leaps to offer all manner of manna to suit the disguised Beggar; words spoken, bodies mended the … Continue reading

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