Two Very Special April Lighthearted Living Events

April 25th, Noon – 1:30pm

With wise innocence of profound experience coupled with being brought to the end of all she knew, understood, wanted or hoped for, Amaya’s discoveries are amazing! Her sharing is most beautiful, compassionate and … LightHearted. She lives in the Spirit of This Truth. Enjoy her book: Silent Presence: Grief’s Unfolding Promise. Find it here:
Books will be available at the event.

Saturday April 27th, 10am – 5pm
A Day-long Retreat with 3 LightHearted Beings

Do you believe your spiritual practice is supposed to get you somewhere?
Do you find yourself struggling, in contention with your life experience?
Would you like to live in the present moment?

Blue Spruce RV Park & Cabins Event Center
1875 CR 500, Vallecito Lake*

Join us for a day of retreat and exploration in a supportive energetic field that allows natural spiritual experience to unfold. Discover how being where you are as you are and telling the truth can set you free.

Registration: $10.00 covers basic cost with opportunity to support your “companions” with generosity

Contact Anrael to register and for further info: 970 375-9080

Bring food for the day, blankets, comfortable seating, walking shoes.
(Metal folding chairs are provided. Kitchen facilities available.)

Your companions in exploration:
Amaya Gayle Gregory
Author, workshop leader, chaplain volunteer for inmate at OSCI, spiritual explorer and healer, Amaya brings deep experience, humor, honesty and compassion to all.

Anrael began working with people in 1975 and is devoted to kindly companioning all toward the end of suffering, S e l f – re a l i z a t i o n and LightHearted Living in daily life.

Britt Woessner
People and planetary shifts are Britt’s cup of tea, and she does her work all over the world. She’s unique in style, yet is very real, personable and present.

Contact Anrael to reserve your spot. 970 385-9080


Silence of the Heart
ongoing offering

Spend a day resting in the depths of your Being, in the quiet open receptivity that allows our true nature to reveal and express Itself within and through us.  Experience the support of inner Peace that radiates from Silence.  Join in meditation, contemplation, relaxation and rest from the business of life and quiet and refresh and rejuvenate yourself in alignment with your true nature.  Discover the natural harmony of living in accord with what is, opening in discovery, and living authentically.

Bring food to share

Bring backjack/safu for floor seating

Call for date and time


Register at 970-375-9080