Given to Live, Living to Give

“To receive is to give fully, to give fully is to receive boundlessly, an ever-widening spiraling expanse of completing circuits in cycles of Life, of Return to and from Source.   Love loving Itself in Truth is all that is going on Here.   We each—all of us are fully resourced for all we are given to offer.  To actively participate in the flow opens us into the boundless Heart, the incomparable Giver.” ~Anrael

The fact of existence is the evidence of the Spirit of Generosity for those with eyes to see.  Generosity is a profound spiritual way of life, which is included as practice in all wisdom traditions, and those who are genuinely generous are deeply honored in all of them.  From the Give-Away or Pot Latch Ceremony of the native peoples to the giving of one’s own life for the Good of All Being as Jesus did, use of the begging bowl, the practice of dana/generosity, the collection plate afford those who receive the opportunity to discover selfless giving as an act of love.

The expression of gratitude, the celebration of thanks for receiving from the All for the benefit of All in the play of form in life affords us the opportunity to step away from limitation and separation into actively engaged living the Truth of Unity.  The practice of giving selflessly without thought of getting, attachment or desire is amazingly powerful.  Giving freely, wholeheartedly, lightly, gladly and anonymously is a wisdom that brings the giver into ever-greater accord with our True Nature.  The open receptivity benefits, as does the open giving.

Money is a form of the currency of Love alive.  There is nothing like opening the wallet, using the card, writing the check, making a bank transfer to bring out the various shades and patterns of limitation, poverty consciousness, separation, desire, fear, etc., etc., etc.—all are beautiful opportunities to discover a deeper Truth about who we are and what is real.  Our contractions around money are very instructive in what we hold to be true consciously and unconsciously.  There is an opportunity right here and now.  To give with no agenda, no thought of reward or recognition, not about what you got, are getting, want to get, or demand to get for your investment, to give as pure love in action.

The Spirit of loving generosity comes to earth through us, through our actions.  To share what we are given with an open and glad heart is fulfillment.  Jesus lauded “the widow’s mite.”  It was an opportunity for him to teach about generosity and the blessings of giving.  Her small gift of what little she had he recognized to be a very large act, of far more value than the wealthy who give but a portion.  Ramana didn’t accept the wealth of the princess who had come for his Grace.  He told her that she had come to buy something that cannot be bought and he refused her gold, gems and money.  It was a great teaching offered in that moment for everyone.  We cannot make Grace an economic transaction between two parties, not by being good, not by giving to get.  We cannot make a bargain to get what is ours by dint of who we are in Truth!

 The lighthearted offerings of Anrael’s life’s devotion and expression in service through her writing, meetings, and on-going companionship are given free of charge whenever possible entirely so that all who would genuinely avail themselves may have the opportunity to do so.  The outpouring of the inner riches received is natural and honors living Truth.

Pour out Blessings!

A large part of our earth walk is the discovery that This we are that lies within is our sufficiency in all matters of life, is the most practical and fulfilling way of being joyously alive.  May all Being awaken in the light of Truth we all are One, a living experience enhanced and profoundly deepened through sharing, giving, living lighthearted in and as the Spirit of generosity uplifting US, the Unity Self in all walks of life.

May you be deeply encouraged to discover your inherent value and the value of giving.  Your gift in whatever form supporting LightHearted Enterprises is received in this Spirit, is recognized fully as the gift of the giver’s work in the world and of Love, the true currency, and is used in support of Anrael’s life work: the LightHearted Enterprises of Truth and Love Alive in Peace and Freedom for the benefit of All Being.  The gifts keep on giving, flowing out for the benefit of all.

Thank you so much! Your offerings of time, energy, gratitude and financial support are precious and are deeply received and honored.  To volunteer, sponsor &/or organize events contact Anrael.  If you are moved to make a financial contribution via PayPal now, please use the button provided on the right column anytime or

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May blessings and the inherent Goodness of the Giver of Life flow boundlessly in, through and as us Now!  Thank you for your participation and contribution pouring forth a blessing to this LightHearted Enterprise we are!


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