Companionship Ministry

Companionship Ministry:  LHE—Love loving All Itself in Truth, in all form.

“Truth is a living entity; familiarity with its principles through frequent contact makes it a faithful, supportive companion.” ~Paramahansa Yogananda

“We liberate ourselves and the world by living in it with one another with all that is as is, whatever the appearing formations, as living Presence—awake, aware, arisen, alive.  It is my great joy to meet and companion each soul to its rightful place; its natural and inherent functioning; to the fulfillment of potential as human Being: Truth and Love Alive in Peace and Freedom.” ~Anrael

TogetherMinistry and Companionship

To minister is to presence with, selflessly in unique expression within Unity most profound.  The Presence of Being in compassionate dynamic action meeting and liberating Itself to function as the dynamic creative Truth Alive here and now involves all the facets and glorious wonder and mystery This we are really is.

The intent of companionship ministry is to “go the distance” until all are Home free.  The nature of companionship is to walk alongside one another as the Self-realization of True Nature works is way throughout the living system of being.  This radical transformational unfolding process allows Presence to be fully consciously alive and active on this and all planes of existence bringing forth a new earth, the one we are longing for; that we know mysteriously to be right, true and accurate—that the life of materialism can never satisfy.  It requires everything of us which we willingly give once we truly understand what is real.  Our work and walk together is one of authenticity, of Being Real, in creative discovery and joyous aliveness.

The purpose of meeting, of gathering of two or more is to realize multiplicity in unity; to deepen our understanding of who we are and what is real, and to live what is revealed thus playing our part in making living Being consciously manifest.  This, the Life of pure Being is our life, we are the True Friend, the Only Companion to one another.  “I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”  No one comes Home to the Mother/Father but through the Unity Consciousness of the living Presence.  The distance we travel together through whatever comes is from here to Here, Now.

The Presence is ever-dawning, birthing, arising in and as the Life.  We are designed to function as dynamic creative expression of the One Life revealing and manifesting Itself.  It is the greatest joy to meet with the Beloved Self in whatever experience or even distressed disguise and discover together what is coming alive, dawning within and to nourish, nurture, call forth and cultivate the limitless informing Love from its recesses in the substratum of all!  The journey of Self-realization into creatively expressed human life is the fulfillment of our potential and our purpose.  To participate in the active engagement in life experience with one another with “Wings of Freedom: Presence and Inquiry” brings to the light of day all that IS in the fathomless depths of Being.

Come-as-you-are Party

Our Liberation Work is grounded in the experience of the here and now, as is, as we are.  Our meeting is a come-as-you-are party, and together we unwrap the present to discover the jewel in the heart of experience.  These jewels are the ornamentation of Being, the facets and qualities of Unity Consciousness, and they are our essence.  There is no one who accomplishes this, it is the natural functioning of the living Presence of Love, Truth, Perfection in all Peace and Freedom: our very human true nature.  All are welcome, believers and non-believer of all stripes, those who don’t know, but wonder. The nature of Being is all-inclusive, there are no qualifications, simply the willingness to know deeper and more truly what is real, what causes suffering and what really alleviates it.  LHE is the result of just such exploration.

This is our mission of mercy and gladness.  The vision is for the full Presence of Being fully alive in the souls, hearts, minds and bodies of all human Being.  It is up to all of US, the Unity Self—each and every one of US to play our part in the symphony of Life we are together as One.  This great adventure is closer than a collective unity of brothers and sisters, and includes that, nearer and dearer than Lover and Beloved, and includes that.  It is the unfolding perfection of our inherent Unity fully realized, spontaneously arising moment to moment and lived out loud.  It is a uniquely human life of authentic joyous creative discovery loving what is real and true, of wonder and mystery.  May all human Being be free to live, love and express the wonder and joy of true Being.


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