LightHearted Prayer & Meditation Circle Podcast

This event is currently on hold as of  1/6/14
$6.00/month to cover costs and donations appreciated.

LHP&M Circle is meant for those who wish to join in communion with our Self/selves to allow the Presence that “doeth the works” to be realized.  This is an on-going podcast gathering that anyone can join by signing up to get on the invitation list.  There will be meditation; sharing of the truth of what real prayer, LightHearted prayer is; and the actual activity of praying in regard to what participants present.  Each meeting will build upon the foundation of the previous meetings.  The actuality of what real prayer is an amazing deep expansive realization of our Self.  Recordings are archived and available to all who tune in.  Active participation live, at the time of the recording is highly recommended.

There is much confusion and misunderstanding about what Prayer & Meditation are, how they work together, and how they work together with Wings of Freedom: Presencing and Inquiry as the natural LightHearted Way of contacting and connecting with, opening to receiving from, the creative dynamic liberating and manifesting currents of our True Nature.  These are the skillful means of functioning as our True Nature does – so our operating system is in alignment and working in concert with and ultimately as the limitlessness of the treasury of our unfolding natural perfection.  When we have difficulty meditating we can Self-inquire and Presence.  Being present, vulnerable and open with wonder and natural curiosity is inherent to our True Nature.  Being Silent and Still is how This we are IS.  Being expressive and giving is how our LightHearted Being IS.

We experience so much difficulty, stress, suffering, tension, anxiety, depression, world-weariness, sadness, heartbreak, dis-ease, brokenness, lack, limitation, anger, frustration, helplessness, powerlessness, hopelessness, despair — how are we to effectively meet the human experience and witness and experience its transformation?  How is Peace to come on earth?  How are we to have good relations with all our relations? How are we, our fellow Being, to find safety, trust, openness, creativity, contentment, fulfillment, excitement, let alone love, joy, peace, abundance, freedom? We must begin to experiment with dedication and devotion to the Cause of all Life, perhaps with just the smallest seed of hope or faith or love.  We begin always with where we are in the moment just as we are.  We tell the truth and we meet together in the Heart of Truth and let this Truth set us free!

This dynamic gathering will offer us the opportunity to bring what troubles us in our lives, the lives of our loved ones, of people and planet to this meeting and discover the Power of This Silent Presence to release Itself – us – reveal Itself and manifest by Grace what is needed for a wholesome beneficial very beautiful human life.  This mode of prayer & meditation are LightHearted Living Skills.

Over time as more of us become adept at this and utilizing the power of the gathering in unity in the Heart of Truth, the outpouring from our within-ness makes a profound difference.  We discover we each and ultimately all are necessary for Grace to make its Presence felt and experienced in our world.  We are This that IS the change we want to see in the world.  All are called, we are chosen because we are given to make this our first priority in the Self-evident recognition that what is required for all good things to come to pass is our direct Self-knowing reverberating experience of our own LightHearted Being.

To register please contact Anrael

Send an email or call with your name and contact information and how you will make your monthly offering to cover costs: via PayPal, check/money order mailed, or to arrange for automatic payment/direct deposit.  Once your registration is received, you will be placed on the contact list for this TalkShoe Podcast and will receive via email the means to call in once you are registered.Please know that Anrael offers all she is given in the Spirit of Generosity.  Your generosity makes this possible!

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