Wings of Freedom 8 Week Podcast

Wings of Freedom

Fall 2014 Eight Tuesdays September 30 – November 18th
7-8:30 pm Mountain Time 
$12.oo monthly to cover costs. Donations gladly received!

WoF is a beginning in the basics of how our True Nature functions.  It could easily be called WoF: Getting Off the Ground and Learning to Fly.  Next would be: Leaving the Nest and Flying; and after that Flying, Diving, Soaring with Wings of Freedom.  This meeting and exploration is foundational for a spiritual life and for all the different meetings to come from LHE.  To discover what it is and means to be fully present in our experience as it is, and to inquire, to Self-inquire fully in to our experience gives us the means to go the distance, all of us, our entire being brought fully Home Free into a sense of being full and complete in and of our Self.  This is the first in a series of LightHearted Living Skills series.

Our meetings will consist of engaging with what it is to presence and to inquire within, we will share our experience and experiment with the material presented.  There will be opportunities to share not only during the podcast, but by other means.  This is offered with an eye not only to individual support but also to create a sense connection with one another, to have our own experience enhanced by the experiences of our companions.

There will be Home work, explorations and experiments to support the unfolding.  There will be additional writings and exercises with opportunities to share our experience during the week.

Wings of Freedom literally dovetail with LightHearted Prayer & Meditation.  Our tail feathers are as important as our wings for flight!  Each of this ways of being allow the others.  Our ability to truly meditate comes more easily as a result of our ability to presence our experience and inquire until the Peace of Inner Silence and Stillness pervades and the outpouring of Creative Dynamic Aliveness provides what is needed to fly!  Meditation supports our ability to be profoundly present in our experience opening deeper and more expansively in the wonder and joy of simply Being who we are.

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