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Valentine Adorations

Valentine Adorations For This LightHearted Being, Valentine‚Äôs is I-LightHeart-You day. ūüėćūüíĖ The discovery of everlasting all-enduring Love beneath all and within All is our greatest gift of Love to receive and share fully. The divine romance plays out in all … Continue reading

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I’m in the middle of reading Bren√© Brown’s¬†Daring Greatly¬†wherein she speaks in a psycho-social manner about¬†vulnerability¬†and shame. It’s good stuff as far as it goes. I see her work as laying a kind of groundwork for the radical shift in … Continue reading

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The Sounding Board

Morning dawns ‚Ķ a fresh day, renewed renewing inner arising brings¬† the clear inner light and quiet of Silence the sounding board of Life sincerity quickens the soul with a love of truth that surpasses all understanding ‚ÄĒ everything is … Continue reading

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Enter In

There is a simple map for the journey from here to Here. There is no distance between us and what we want and need most to live fully: our Self. To travel the non-distance to NowHere, enter in, intrepid heart, … Continue reading

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BIG* Helping of Humble Pie

My recent ingestion of PIE (Presence Incorporating Everything)¬†regarding car and finances was¬†handled so beautifully by Grace acting through several of The Belov√®d kin I Am has offered broadening deepening realization.¬†Realization is a system upgrade: no one is becoming more realized, … Continue reading

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Innocent of Pain

A very difficult part of our process is the recognition of how much pain we are in and how much we resist the pain we have or ever getting hurt again.¬† Our inner contraction away, our not paying attention to … Continue reading

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The Ecology of Radical Aliveness

The previous post about radical abundance led to radical aliveness.¬† Exploring radical aliveness more brought the following forth. We are amazing creatures: bio-energetic, psychosocial, spiritual ecological systems of consciousness that is multi-interdimensionally aware and alive.¬† Cool, huh?¬† Most of us … Continue reading

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