Having found everything of the basic agreed upon materialistic human world disillusioning, disheartening, and being then unable, disabled and/or unwilling to engage wholeheartedly in, to participate in its devoid of value lifestyles, I’ve been repeatedly thrown in to the abyss, the void, the emptiness within and in the world and changed my life drastically.  The first several times, I did not realize what good news this was!  It was not until the 1980’s and ‘90’s that I began to welcome the void, and until the aughts, 00’s, that I began to live in the void and love it and all the beautiful and dynamic luminescence found within void-ness, in the deep dark beauty of Being.

Like many, for a while, I kept focusing on emergences, getting up and doing because since I kept living I believed there was something for me to do.  During the late 90’s and aughts, I learned to not get up, to do nothing, be no one, know nothing but Love and serve, be true to what was revealed, to Truth.  This great discipline has led to a life of astonishing fulfillment, of lighthearted living in which the All-accomplishing Wisdom of Love, of pure Being is free to do as it wills through this vehicle.  The glory of radiant Self-effulgent Being is the living Body we call the Universe:  One Life, One song of Unity.

Ramana would say the Heart rises to meet the one who turns within toward it.  Papaji would encourage people to make themselves beautiful for the Beloved.  Jesus encouraged keeping the lamp lit for when the Bridegroom cometh… It does not matter the name, the culture and language or wisdom tradition in which it is spoken—all speak of orienting oneself toward something unnamable, invisible and indivisible that is within, the source and cause of All, to return back to the place—the recognized experience in which the two are one, and the one is none…

My disheartened, disillusioned disengagement as painful and despairing as it sometimes was, awful at times, was essential for my journey Home, a return unto whence we have never in Truth sojourned. As the poet said (paraphrased) returning to the place one has always been and knowing it for the first time; knowing it afresh, anew, innocently and delightedly as where we are as we are.

There are three disciplines I follow to arrive and remain bowed where all begins:  presencing, inquiring and loving. While these sound like things to do, that someone does—they actually are being, the way Being is, and based in principle on how Being functions.  So we begin where we are and practice, and practice makes perfect, and these become reflexive, a way of Being, the infinite Way of Inner Stillness that is LightHearted by nature.

  • For a great many years I was known by my given name, and thought I always would be while many around me were changing theirs.
  • From 1993-2011, 18 years, I was given through a vision to be known as The Gaella ElanRah—not a name, a description and functioning:  The Gaella—the One who Returns, ElanRah—the force/source of Radiance.  Being known as this was an incredible teaching and humbling journey: a lot to live in to, to discover and embody.
  • Now, in this new phase of living I am Anrael (Ahn-rayee-ehl)—what it means is evidenced in the discipline of living Truth.

I am nobody special; I am everyone and all are equally special and beloved.  You could say I chose this—This—and there are lots of choice points every day, billions of them—countless in a lifetime.  But I will say, too, that I was given to choose time and time again to be fully present and conscious in experience; to inquire deeper and deeper until Truth revealed; and to love in all the ways possible to love what is—even when hating, angry, scared, bereaved, desolate, desperate and/or alone.  These great practices are the disciplines that see me through and I am given now to offer you the Infinite Way of Inner Stillness—the IS Way—turning within, re-turning to Beloved Source, the Truth Alive in us all, the LightHearted Being we are.


May we meet always in freedom, in This

providential Peace and abundant Love

that passeth all understanding in Truth

and revel celebrating in the glory

of simply Being.

∞ ♥ ~Anrael