Without Words

“Our liberation work together is meant to develop and cultivate the direct experience of our True Nature in everyday life experience.  When we learn to meet our experience directly, without words, we uncover what is real and essential.”  ~Anrael

“It is not always necessary to think words.  Words often keep me from acting in a fully intuitive way.  Fears, indecision, and frustration feed on words.  Without words, they usually stop.  When I am trying to figure out how to relate to someone, if I will stop thinking words, and listen to the situation, and just be open, I find I act in a more appropriate, more spontaneous, often original, sometimes more courageous way.  Words are good at times for looking back, but they are confining when I need to act in the present.”  ~Hugh Prather

Such a lovely opening occurs when we come to a place in which thinking is optional, when we actually recognize it is not necessary to think or use words to live and function well—that in fact thinking, using words and naming things often interferes incredibly in our living spiritual experience, with our relationships, with our creativity.  (What a funny thing to write about with words in a blog!!!)

Direct Experience

Last evening during a private meeting, moving into and exploring experience, the movement into the direct experience of the moment occurred: no thought, no resistance, no words, pure sensation and awareness together as one.  The experience shifted into “stillness…the absence of anything.”  The formation disappeared and pure Being as the absence of things, concepts, of anything at all was being directly experienced!

To allow our consciousness to directly experience what is in the moment without interference or resistance, without thoughts, words or action to change is what I call presencing.  Presencing, or to presence is non-action involving focalized awareness in the moment.  It gives us the most intimate sense of being in contact with ourselves, touching in deeply.  It gives a sensibility of being genuine, authentic and okay.

In this intimate sense of contact and communion, the formation and structure, the anatomy of the experience becomes clear: sensation, thought, feeling, and reactivity.  Patterns of learned behaviors that are mental, emotional, physical, karmic, inherited, acquired and absorbed from the environment, conditioned, genetically encoded, cellular and remembered generate our suffering and pleasure, our aversion and grasping behaviors.  Layers of conditioning are penetrated through inquiry that arises naturally and spontaneously when we are one in our experience letting be as is.  Inquiry can take the form of wordless wondering and exploration, sensing and feeling into experience.  No worded questions are necessary, though they can help sometimes.  When we learn to remain in the experience penetrating all the way through to the source, we may discover wonders of limitlessness.

Pure Expression

To be the way, truth and life we cultivate a way of being that is in aligned accord with the functioning of our true nature.  The Wings of Freedom:  Presence and Inquiry are the skillful means by which we relax back into the naturalness of our Being, which naturally liberates and thereby is free to function easily through us.  Then we are the pure expression of Truth Alive, the fulfillment of our potential.

So we begin with the simplicity of being right where we are, noticing the details of our experience, including the constant stream of words, and how they define, limit, interfere, cause distress, and we may simply opt to stop all that mental activity that is focused on mental content.  We find that we can let it all just be or fall away while we look deeper than the shallows of thinking.  This allows our attention to open into the direct experience of the moment and our inherent loving intelligence to act, spontaneously and freely, simply and effortlessly, appropriately, originally and even surprisingly.

Try it out!  It’s fun! This is a LightHearted Way of Being and living.


Please feel free 😉 to write your wordless experiment in the comment section.  As always, if you would like support in this work, please contact Anrael.

About Anrael

Anrael is currently operating this LightHearted adoration ministry supporting transformation of consciousness, from homosapien(overly mental) to homoluminous (shining as Heart of Being coherently), bringing forth renewed species and new earth. Anrael has worked in spiriting and inspiring well-Being professionally since 1975 in lots of different venues with wide range of populations from womb to tomb. She is an explorer in consciousness since 1968. She has two masters degrees, EdM, MSW and trainings too numerous to mention. She has practiced and studied many wisdom traditions along with science and psychology in wide range of modalities resulting in interdimensional holyfractalgraphic direct embodied experience that moves through the Allness we are and includes Totality and Actuality vividly alive as Is. The wonders of social science, psychology, working in and through relationship, and physics, holography and cosmometry—all dancing fullness and emptiness in a vulnerable openness completely supported by the transcendent that is fully immanent: Being This fully alive and completely real NowHere fullfilling our limitless potential. All This she enjoys sharing in union with This with each and all in a variety of ways: individually, with couples, groups, speaking, writing, simply Being with what is, sharing blessings of conscious union. 🙏💖
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