Sitting on my porch
gazing at the glory view
seeing only this everywhere
at work, at play, fireworks
in celebration of political
freedom today—
flags of the prayers of our fore-parents
waving in parades over the countryside
of people forgetting political freedom
is a natural organic outgrowth,
of spiritual freedom from which these celebrants
remain primarily in pretense suffering in ignorance.

effulgent expression of freedom

For democracy to evolve and grow
toward a more perfect Union
We, the People, each citizen must attain sovereignty of
Sole Being of Soul
—This Only is the singular possibility of freedom in Truth,
of this most precious Love the Homeland of our wondrous nature.

The inherent equality of the Only
begotten beloved Presence,the liberation of all brothers and  sisters Of the Only One from suffering degradations
of ignorant inequalities; of dualistic power over; of worldly fortunes
or moreover, misfortunes; and vices of pleasure seeking due to lack,
these iniquities perish in the face
of conscious Truth and boundless Freedom.

And happiness need not be pursued
but is freely consciously lived
as clear, precise, effulgent expression
of our natural sovereignty
within and living as Only

This, As IS.

∞ ♥

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