Fall Equinox Experience, Stargate date 9/21/18

This morning’s meditation found a desire for light to balance all the deep dark beauty of the black flame’s bourgeoning throughout the holyfractalgram. The equality of light and dark, night and day speaks breathes yin and yang amid the Tslagi performed these past few days.

The breath of Spirit ignites the flames of light and dark. The conscious breath of love’s creative life force energy draws the prana throughout the system providing energy for movement, consciously breathed movement throughout the day of This accomplishing all given each life form. It is as natural as breathing. 

Meditations focussed upon breath allow the mind to rest in the body, and then open in the illuminating awareness embodying in action just now, here whilst NowHere. The deep joy abounds enlivening action with peace, plenty, playfulness, presence, all This Is flowing through the activity at hand. It is enlivened, enheartened, enlightened joyful flow. We are This dancing emptiness. 

Living Daylight, Luminous Night. 

A dynamic balancing act, bringing forth expressive creation with an all-pervading loving intelligence that includes each spark of creation in the still point center bursting with light.

Matter seems to enclose the light placing a veil between the pure light and the spark of it in form, thus the spark seeks it’s origin in the unified field of Light it never actually left. Matter is merely condensed essence, essential elemental wisdom energies (earth water fire, air, space, sound, light) that make up form. The swirl of sensory information, the mistaken identity with body and mind, the seeking from the external what is missing internally, these make up the divisiveness that lacks what Is essential: the shadow. Your spark of light will not ultimately satisfy my desire to return. It’s not supposed to, it only provides temporary unities before divisiveness sets in again. This disturbance gets seeking going once more. Restless dissatisfaction with the things of the world, with objects of the mind do not supply what is endlessly effortlessly within and all around us if only we were but conscious, awake, available and availing ourselves of the limitlessness everywhere present. 

Acquaintanceship with This is a kind of apprenticeship, discipleship faithfully, devotedly, determinedly oriented and engaged in daily, all day. As This reveals it becomes a love affair, first a celebration of Homecoming with Holy Father Divine Mother for the returning One. Then more deeply, it’s simply the unfolding of Lover and Belovèd dancing, moving apart and together into ecstasies of union, raptures of ever-unfolding discovery in love, blissful resting in the arms of everlasting Love. What This has joined together let nothing put asunder, we must remain in fidelity to our holy matrimony. It is a sacrament. It is what the earthly representation is meant to be, the two united in union with the One, a holy trinity of Love’s power on earth.

Few marriages emanate the wedded bliss of eternal conscious union in Love. Hardly any aspire to it. Most are instinctually centered around self-preservation’s safety and security, sex and procreation, position and strength in partnership in and/or against the world. In the beginning when there’s excitement, attraction, relaxation and openness, the essential spark is seen and loved. After the honeymoon, the shadow rises and few are able to deal with it, understand it nor recognize that only conscious love of Being allows what is needed to bring pure light to the shadow, inhaled inspiration to lostness, guidance and purpose to foundering in disappointment, kind conscious creative life to tend the pain. The deeper experiences of abandonment, rejection, betrayal and exile of family of origin object relations come to the fore to be finally cared for and receive instead the same old abandonment, rejection, betrayal and exile feared, that further wound the scarred psyche. Perhaps trauma is involved as well. The heart that opened closes, the mind shuts down in dualism. Perception is clouded by the past arising in the present, shadowing the spark shining in the partner, in all people, in the world. Thought travels in emotional sensory swirls of misperception testified to and comiserated with, the drama of the past plays out in the present. The spark longs unrequited for Home, for true Love, and the other is blamed, shamed for not being the pure love and light of Being. So is oneself. Most relationships fail, others go on in a kind of deadening resignation, some with affairs on the side. Far too seldom do partners find their way through the psycho-social but primarily spiritual crises presented. When there are children involved, the next generation is being imprinted with the failures and lack, and on and on it goes, generation after generation. 

Meanwhile, the imprisioned splendor awaits within and under it all speaking in as many ways possible in and through life, experience, dreams, dramas, events, books, teachers, friends, sages, medicine people, videos, animals, plants, cyrstals of This other possibility that each soul can have. The essential drive for return and the drive for expression dance in light and dark, consciousness and unconsciousness for as many lifetimes as it takes for the individualized soul to discover what is essential and find it’s way. Strangely, along the way, involving supreme effort and sacrifice, it is discovered it’s been Here all along. The one seeking is the One sought, the One experiencing it all. The cosmic joke rings throughout the entire being from inception through deception to immaculate conception, to culmination to fulfillment in joyous love that never ends. All is shared as a limitless outpouring with and as the One that is all. Laughter is the BIG Medicine that heals all wounds throughout.

We live in peace at Home, rapturous love in our marriage bower, at play and work with the Holy Family among our kin, and it’s all the Hu-man family: This alive and very real on earth. All the failures and successes, births and deaths were opportunities to mature in the truth beyond the play of consciousness, to Be, free and fulfilled in Love’s unity.

I Am the roots and the pinnacle of the sacred mountain. I see the promised land is at hand today. The great central sun dawns in consciousness daily and the luminous dark night is refuge and resurrection, renewing nightly. Day is night and night is day. Everything comes and goes as ever-flowing love within This always and ever Here Now. I know in certainty only This Is, unfolding in all its radiant expression of natural perfection and purity, enfolding all back into inherent implicit purity of formlessness, the radiant extension and absorbing return dancing luminous emptiness to the song of songs, the song of the spheres. The experience is so vivid, vital and vast yet immanent, intimate and incarnate it is literally unbelievable, cannot be grasped by the mind. Yet in direct experience of essential engagement brings understanding, deep knowing, loving and living that enhances every moment appearing mundane or sublime, daily chores or sacred gathering. The spark returns and is Home, there is no where else, only Here. From within extends a true friend’s hand that says, “Come along, I’ll walk with you as you find your way. It’s joyous fulfillment for the One we are to disclose itself, enclose and discover Itself everywhere, play hide and seek. In sickness and in health, in birth and death, in poverty and in riches, come what may, I Am with you from before the beginning and beyond the end, throughout. No other reality exists. Seeming absent, I am the Presence that sees, experiences abject absence. Seeming present, I am the Absence that sees and recognizes prescient Presence. I know who you are. I get what is actually going on here, it is always revealing, playing, discovering, exploring, expressing, existing, emerging from absolute nonexistence to love, be and live as all existence This Is. This Being Is self-realizing in, as and through life that It Is as us. This Mystery Loves This Mystery. Let us enjoy, be instrumental vehicles and avenues for This self-fulfilling prophecy. Let us adventurers, explorers, lovers, enemyless peaceful warriors Be. Let US play.” 

About Anrael

Anrael is currently operating this LightHearted adoration ministry supporting transformation of consciousness, from homosapien(overly mental) to homoluminous (shining as Heart of Being coherently), bringing forth renewed species and new earth. Anrael has worked in spiriting and inspiring well-Being professionally since 1975 in lots of different venues with wide range of populations from womb to tomb. She is an explorer in consciousness since 1968. She has two masters degrees, EdM, MSW and trainings too numerous to mention. She has practiced and studied many wisdom traditions along with science and psychology in wide range of modalities resulting in interdimensional holyfractalgraphic direct embodied experience that moves through the Allness we are and includes Totality and Actuality vividly alive as Is. The wonders of social science, psychology, working in and through relationship, and physics, holography and cosmometry—all dancing fullness and emptiness in a vulnerable openness completely supported by the transcendent that is fully immanent: Being This fully alive and completely real NowHere fullfilling our limitless potential. All This she enjoys sharing in union with This with each and all in a variety of ways: individually, with couples, groups, speaking, writing, simply Being with what is, sharing blessings of conscious union. 🙏💖
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