An Appointment With Radiance

I love this time of year: summer solstice season. This year we have a full moon so radiance by day, luminescence by night. Once I travelled in summer above the arctic circle to experience the solstice where night never comes. From sunrise to sunset to sunrise the sun shone unceasingly. Rising followed setting, setting followed rising and shining, morning and evening lost their meaning. It was all just daytime… the radiance playing in different positions throughout.

As this phrase, an appointment with radiance, bubbled up in my consciousness today I was drawn to sit in the sun on my porch flooded with morning’s rays. So powerful. So potent. So life-giving … So … Hot! ????

So this particular rainbow emanation body kept an appointment with radiance seemingly so pervasive in the outer realm this morning, still but a faint echo of the all-pervading radiance everything is. So the appointment with radiance turns into a daylong adventure. A daylong becomes day in and day out; day in and day out becomes lifelong adventure. The pure light venturing forth in a singular vast rainbow emanation body of pure Being. When the mind stills, the heart opens, the belly relaxes and this knowing awareness is self-evident. Now appearing everywhere!

Radiance always keeps its appointments. Radiance is always actively engaged by law, by decree expressing its nature, offering its infinite bounty, treasures galore. Ever here providing life-giving sustenance. To be conscious of This is to enter in and Be what is naturally radiant; to be LightHearted. We are appointed so to be. 

How do we keep our appointment? Do we have something else to do? Is there something else more important? We begin always by telling the truth and telling it until we get to the Truth that cannot be spoken. We engage in being aware, present to our mental, emotional, sensate activities, we let all that be as is and simply be aware, be aware of being aware, be in the discovery of Awareness, the simple clear light of radiance touching down in experience like sunlight touching the earth. 

No one can keep an appointment with radiance. We become aware of being radiant, of radiating, that what radiates is our own True Nature. We are that radiance radiating; This immanence emanating. Right here and now — not off in some transcendent other worldly realm somewhere else we have attained through devoted practice, but as our birthright; as what simply and already is. All our troubles & the troubles of the world are because this remains unknown and unseen, not valued in a materialistically bound consciousness. So few realize they have an appointment, it is already given.

So realization of what Is is encouraged. It’s the singular appointment of Being; the most important appointment we can keep but cannot take hold of or make happen – keeping it simple stupid, we KISSS every moment. We remain abiding in and as simple silent stillness that radiates This boundless Love. 
There’s profound simplicity, wise innocence and purity, pristine perfection in conscious union. All notions are dissolved, beyond all activity of mind, emotion, body recessed in the background while being encompassed, embraced, pervaded, and released — not of our doing. In the foreground, immanent, we rest in Peace radiating. And soon we find ourselves going about what we are appointed to do as the natural unfolding flowing activity of This radiant Being. There is a saying, “God perfects all I am appointed to accomplish.”

So, for example, we meet one another in the heart of This Truth as appointed so to do, and This naturally unfolds and perfects our meeting. Something hidden is revealed as we delve into the shadows, storm the bastions of befuddled fogginess; like a treasure hunt, we find refracting gems of deliverance sparkling in the light. We live, grow, flow and dance unfolding in the glow of Being in the know: only This Is. So simple and absolutely true; only This Is. How would we live if we absolutely knew this were true? We live the Joy of Being from fulfillment to fulfillment as that is how This rolls.

We start where we are. We realize that the most important thing is keeping our appointment with radiance. We place it in our busy overfull calendars as priority #1, first & foremost arranging our lives around it. We sprinkle our day with sparkles of radiance, infusing us and our surroundings consciously with the actuality of This Being This here now regardless of appearances to the contrary – that activity of the blind conditioned mind – we let that be and quieten, rest, bask in the sun like an old dog, aahhh, laying everything down, stretching out, expanding, opening, receiving warming rays for another breath, aaahhh…

We shift focus from the mind and its world of troubles negligent of keeping appointments with radiance: This with and ultimately living as us as This radiant Being of lighthearted nature all but completely forgotten in the hurly-burly. Our forgetting is forgiven instantly, we are here now. We lie back letting the living daylight penetrate until our bones are baking. Everything melts away and we melting merge. Only This, only This breath by breath, heartbeat by heartbeat.

Then fully rested and restored we naturally arise and shine and give forth This glory, glory hallelujah! We are essentially perfected like a diamond pearl shining luminescence, reflecting and refracting as given. Going about our business letting This perfectly accomplish all we are appointed to do, radiantly, Grace-fully, naturally. 

It all begins now right here. Not just reading & evaluating words on a page or a screen but going to where they point, opening, experiencing in your own way the expressed experience radiating in these words. Make like an old dog and bask in the radiance even if the weather is cloudy & stormy — the sun is still shining, even in the darkest night, radiance shines. The clear luminous night sky still is even when seemingly impenetrably cloudy. Be still and wait for it, penetration happens because that is the nature of radiance. Dawn comes. Daylight abounds always. 

This is alive and only has been pretending to believe it’s you alone in the dark. So, just like an old dog that just can’t wait to find that warm sunny spot and lie down letting the warmth penetrate, keep your appointment as given by radiance, by the grace of Being This that only Is. 

About Anrael

Anrael is currently operating this LightHearted adoration ministry supporting transformation of consciousness, from homosapien(overly mental) to homoluminous (shining as Heart of Being coherently), bringing forth renewed species and new earth. Anrael has worked in spiriting and inspiring well-Being professionally since 1975 in lots of different venues with wide range of populations from womb to tomb. She is an explorer in consciousness since 1968. She has two masters degrees, EdM, MSW and trainings too numerous to mention. She has practiced and studied many wisdom traditions along with science and psychology in wide range of modalities resulting in interdimensional holyfractalgraphic direct embodied experience that moves through the Allness we are and includes Totality and Actuality vividly alive as Is. The wonders of social science, psychology, working in and through relationship, and physics, holography and cosmometry—all dancing fullness and emptiness in a vulnerable openness completely supported by the transcendent that is fully immanent: Being This fully alive and completely real NowHere fullfilling our limitless potential. All This she enjoys sharing in union with This with each and all in a variety of ways: individually, with couples, groups, speaking, writing, simply Being with what is, sharing blessings of conscious union. 🙏💖
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