Nothing to Do

Nothing to do…

No where to go…

Nothing to accomplish…

above the cloud of obscurations yet grounded in lotus blossoming Life, the Shakyamuni Buddha in clear sky is This living dancing emptiness.

There is nothing to be done, fixed or changed by us. This vibrant animating Principle accomplishes all. Resting and quieting so This can be noticed and recognized is vital to our well-Being. So as we center with breath and awareness in the heart, present in our bodies, we can notice the liveliness of the animating Principle active within every aspect of physical life…

This arises collectively, within the collective consciousness activating actualizing in all receptive open human hearts. Our ways of opening differ, our ways of expressing unique yet are within the wHole-I-ness of LightHearted Being’s Presence HereNow as us. In This we are the living mystery, the Holy Fool.

The whole-I This Am Fool’s Wisdom is to know nothing, Be receptively in-formed, essentially engaged and conversant, know and experience empti-fullness, and ac-know-ledge This Is rejoicing in carefree self-abandon. The Holy Fool loves the hell out of everything, and silently resonates and shares the wealth: the limitless treasury of This as arises spontaneously. The Holy Fool knows not what will arise or should take shape and form, just revels in knowing and relishes experiencing that This reveals and realizes, arises and actualizes continuously.

The abundant Life This Is is actively engaged in manifesting itself out of nowhere — nothing but pure potential making Itself appear every moment…

Why then imperfection? Because collective mistaken misunderstanding blinded in duality distorts the View from Here. When we see through the indentified mind suffering we are conditioned to do something to fix it instead of turning within where nothing’s right or wrong. We turn our concerns over, awaiting Clarity to activate, clear up matters and act compassionately. We re-turn unto Source and original Cause. We Rest In Peace Within while This doeth the works in and through us actively…

Breathing happens, loving happens, embracing happens, giving what is received happens spontaneously, naturally, without thought though thoughts may also arise, exist and return empty play of consciousness… the thoughts we think, believe and are convinced are real are empty, unreal, not trustworthy. Watch and see, they are conditioned by the collective mesmerism in the trance of separation. Our ideas even of self, health, wealth, pleasure, are in the programming running unconsciously. That includes all our studies, conclusions we’ve come to, — Wisdom arises in the openness of not knowing.

We simply Be, Rest, empty of thingness in the beginning; empty of subject/object duality in the middle, empty of existence in the end — This living dancing emptiness full of infinite potential is self-arising creative expressiveness.

Change, transformation, transmutation, transubstantiation all appears to happen within the Changless’ dynamically alive being state wherein nothing ever happens. Form returned unto pure formlessness and formlessly reborn in renewal in accord with, in accordance, the living dancing emptiness naturally occurs. It’s how This works, the implicit functioning of natural radiant perfection: Dzogchen, Dabhar—the Word made flesh to dwell and dance deLight-fully among us, ultimately consciously as us.

This speaks using our vocal cords. This acts using our hands and bodies. We, of ourselves, do nothing. What a relief! We are responsible to quieten, turn/return within, to Rest In Peace letting conscious contact within take place. The animating Principle is let loose, freed to take us up and act through us instrumentally; free to come into the world offering out the blessings that are recognized to Be everywhere: Omnipresence animating everything everywhere is seen, recognized, made contact with, and thereby stimulated to awaken and be enlivened among those that are This as yet seeming asleep, unrecognized thereby unable to provide or be provided benefit. Those conditioned to seek and search outside themselves toward the nonexistent other, including that terrible idea of a God located elsewhere. There is no outside, other or elsewhere.

This clear seeing is what Buddha pointed to, and what Jeshua pointed to when he said, “Let thine eye be single and thy whole body shall be filled with light.” Single eye, not dualistic seeing good and evil, sick or well, rich or poor. Seeing This Is My Body Filled with Light, radiance appearing everywhere as Is in Truth of One Life, One LightHearted Being, One Body, there is only This One Alive and Real in This Real-m of Being makes All the difference we want to see in the world.

As This sees Itself through our hearts, we rejoice that It Is already so, Here Now, Be! Our system naturally resonates and asserts the actuality of Omnipresence animating everything. We see, recognize and gratefully ac-know-lege, feel, sense, experience This Is already NowHere—the heaven Within is without, with all! Relax, rest, Be, we don’t have to make This happen—it is already the greatest show on earth. We show it. We imbued shine from the still point in the LightHeart, the Innermost center of our being.

Giving ourselves the investment of time and space to quieten, turn within toward the Source of all inner activity, thoughts, emotions, sensations, perceptions — all energy forms… we drop all for now and drop deeper down than subtle patterns and programs of the psyche, letting all that simply kindly be and drop down deeper underneath to the substratum — a relaxing sinking down in through layers and layers letting everything be and be absorbed, dissolve as ephemeral empty formations we were engaged with… being breathing settling in the heart to heart connection, mine with yours, yours with mine, ours with a deep silent aware Heart shared, beating, pulsing Love in the space now open in conscious connection… heart to heart to Heart 💖♻️🎶 within us with One another… and within which we live, move and have Being, radiant, emanating LightHeartedly…

Here in This interconnected vast open space This Love is liberated, free to act. Our bodies are actively receiving, informed by This infinite intimate loving intelligent dynamic Principle of abundant Life — the Actual actualizing the Actuality in our bodies, hearts, minds, souls all of us. We open within and let This have access to us and have Its way with us, seeing and actualizing Itself. It’s beyond our comprehension but Is comprehensive.

Our open receptive system is then the portal through which This enters the world. We are essential for Its fulfillment in Life. If we ever wondered what our purpose is, This Is It. To Be instrumental in bringing forth the Real onto this plane of existence is the unbearable Light of Being. This open vulnerable Heart is the joyous fulfillment of human LightHearted Being… and Holy Fool of and for This Love Alive and Real.

This is. This only is. It is already so, so Be This that Only Is fully active, animated, enthused to Be This Alive and Real, fully uniquely utilized to Be the Changeless that changes Itself continuously. We cannot make happen what already Is. There’s nothing to do and no doer to do-doo it!

When This dawns, illuminates us, our total and whole system where previously was veiled, dimmed lights up and activates. It literally is essential for us and our world’s survival. This Life brings Itself forth to live! That includes the drive to survive, to awaken and enlighten, to know and be living Essence–all This Is, and to express, share and join in communion and union together as This.

Every moment we are invited to join in This together—working Its wonders exponentially as we recognize and experience we are in This and are This together, One.

My heart sings with your venturing this far in reading, contemplating, engaging with what is so uniquely expressing here. Thank you for your interest and support. This is offered in the generous inherent Spirit of mutual benefit. As you can open to enter in and thus we join in This together, sharing the bounty herein, that we have because we have received from Source through multiple avenues, and give of the fullness Herefrom. Even when we seemingly have nothing to give, we give faithfully, gratefully anyway. We always have what is free and inherent to our being. True nature adores a vacuum and fills full because This fills all space with more than enough. That’s so Holy Foolish of us! My soul celebrates This living Love, This Mystery living us.

May blessings and wonders awesomely abound, as they already actually do. 🤣

As Is, so Be.

As Such, live Thus.🙏🖤

🤫 🥳 🥰



Love to you, dear One I Am. ✌️🖖

LightHeartedly as ever, 💖

Anrael. 😍

About Anrael

Anrael is currently operating this LightHearted adoration ministry supporting transformation of consciousness, from homosapien(overly mental) to homoluminous (shining as Heart of Being coherently), bringing forth renewed species and new earth. Anrael has worked in spiriting and inspiring well-Being professionally since 1975 in lots of different venues with wide range of populations from womb to tomb. She is an explorer in consciousness since 1968. She has two masters degrees, EdM, MSW and trainings too numerous to mention. She has practiced and studied many wisdom traditions along with science and psychology in wide range of modalities resulting in interdimensional holyfractalgraphic direct embodied experience that moves through the Allness we are and includes Totality and Actuality vividly alive as Is. The wonders of social science, psychology, working in and through relationship, and physics, holography and cosmometry—all dancing fullness and emptiness in a vulnerable openness completely supported by the transcendent that is fully immanent: Being This fully alive and completely real NowHere fullfilling our limitless potential. All This she enjoys sharing in union with This with each and all in a variety of ways: individually, with couples, groups, speaking, writing, simply Being with what is, sharing blessings of conscious union. 🙏💖
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