BIG* Helping of Humble Pie

Universal Life Serving Up Some Humble Pie!

My recent ingestion of PIE (Presence Incorporating Everything) regarding car and finances was handled so beautifully by Grace acting through several of The Belovèd kin I Am has offered broadening deepening realization. Realization is a system upgrade: no one is becoming more realized, the system is undergoing transformational upgrades only, always.
Finding my experience rich with knowledge brought forward over the years and yet nothing beats the aliveness of this moment and the current penetration of Presence taking up the system into an as yet unknown FUNctional (Freedom Unlimited Now) Wholeness. *By Infinite Grace (BIG), This unfolds it’s natural Perfection only always consistently constantly. Our systems accept it though relaxed conscious open receptivity and the natural evolution of This in form within the time-space continuum is affected at all levels Holyfractalgraphically. What this means is that from the minutiae of the smallest particle, referred to as the Plank particle, or Adamantine particles, the pure Substance of Being, spiraling up to the gross levels of our fantastic inter dimensional bodies of consciousness all the way out to the astronomical, and inclusive of the formless Presence, the entirety of our deep ecological system of unity consciousness is effected. The hologram in which each particle contains all the information of the whole is a fractal in which patterns reoccur in progressively smaller scales. In realization experiences, our conditioned systems are relieved of improper conditioning to the false. Inhabited by a false god, the ego (edging God out — ego) full of continuing reception of false information: the collective disagreement field of separation consciousness, the system is systematically and graciously being brought to rights. In other words, beyond the capacity of our linear rational minds, the realizing and actualizing Presence is at work though experience to bring all of the incredible display of consciousness into accurate formation, naturally, because This Is what it Is.  Our systems are utilized to the fullest degree in shifting the resonance of the collective whole, the Holyfractalgram of existence.
My recent foray into the holodeck program (thanks Gene Roddenberry) and divine dramedy of car trouble and appearance of inadequate finances which was quite a historical encounter that set my system into a floundering not experienced for quite awhile has brought forth the “calling it real” confounding conundrum of human life. I cannot preach “let it be and unfold as it is and engage consciously” without walking the talk, and the walk that day was difficult. I knew I was in trouble already on my early morning first light walk with my suddenly recalcitrant dog trying to get it done before I left home for the appointment with the car. Dear Koie was actually a reflection of my own recalcitrance about what it has taken to get the heater on my car fixed. My efforts to get Koie to come so I could get going into town were all for naught. It became all too clear that he was not coming anywhere near me just because I needed him to; because I was supposed to get somewhere by 8 am and had to leave him home for the day. As I drove to town I realized that my energies were being guided by the external. Even now I see more ways in which the inner flow was abandoned and differing motivations were running the system. So by the time the car got to Durango I was already eating Humble Pie and quite enjoying the humility offered. Found it both bemusing and delectably nourishing. Had a big dollop of joyous jubilation to go with it.
Went off to Durango Joe’s to hang out with good cheer on this cold winter’s morning. About two hours later the call came in, thermostat’s also broken, needs replaced so the engine doesn’t overheat and blow up, another 190 dollars or something which I could not quite take in, felt my energy drop as I watched the idea of the tenuousness of my financial state rear it’s ugly head again. I could not make myself marshal the forces of God to obliterate the thoughts and fearful anticipations. My state had changed once again affected by the external appearance regarding the area that has perpetually challenged and been a source of realization for years. I walked into the holodeck in a semiconscious state beleaguered by the constant situation of joyously gifted gifting and inadequate FU-UNding — quite a contrast for one so richly endowed. Very aware in the real rawness of emotional reaction, physical actions that I was “in it” and noticing that it was so hard to let it unfold itself, hands off the wheel, while not indulging, a kind of razor’s edge. The experiencing of burning humiliation being the theme of this Winter Solstice gateway now for me, together with sadness, frustration, doubt, fear, wavelet after wavelet of emotions flowing through, watching the belief where I thought enough donations had come in to get me through the month and possibly to the first of the month bills evaporate once again. Didn’t quite evaporate into pulsating formless abundance in my consciousness, though. Have to tell the truth here.
“How is it possible that I am still dealing with this?” The evidence is clear: because it’s still vibrating in my system as real, an experiential felt sense of scarcity still plagues. It was a strange day, ill-at-ease day, just here with the unfolding, the desire for comfort, the “if I were a drinker I’d be driven to drink by this!” burning in the desire to binge. Ach! So painful! Kindness coming from friends, very nice, but not touching the pain — as I write this now, it’s an old pain of this lifetime of no mother commensurate with the profound sense of Divine Mother, the all-embracing enfolding One that lives here now. A friend recently shared the experience of physical bonding that occurred when she got to be with her birth mother recently. Keenly felt that there’s no one left with my genetics except the children of my half brother and sister, and no one replaces the birth mother. Some adoptive parents are wonderful, and some birth mothers are awful, and the reverse is also true. There’s just no particularly easy way of dealing with our human creature-hood that longs for what it didn’t get. Fortunately, Grace is available.
This is why spiritual kin are so important. Being with those who understand life in a similar fashion, are engaged with it in Essence and can share experience in safety, mutual understanding and grace, for when we are in the holodeck we need someone to come along and say, “End program!” It may still be unfolding, it doesn’t always work, but at least the Light has come along in a real and consequential way to say, “This isn’t all there is to this.” Star Trek Next Generation, “End Program…Now!!!”
If we’re really lucky, someone knows how to Be Presence fully and in unconditioned conscious contact remains with us with good reflections, good questions, profound patience, Silence and Stillness that allow us to dive deep into our experience, dropping all the way through the abysmal black Whole. The very real expertise of being no one doing nothing allows Presence to vibrate in the Truth that is emerging into the distressed person’s system such that it is simply already actualizing in the Unified Field. The morphogenic resonance of our True Nature embodying in joyous loving responsiveness activates in the Companion’s system what is needed for restoration. The adept system which is open and receptive naturally incorporates and feeds, offers what is needed without thought, strategy, motivation to help or heal, but in the realization what is needed is already so.
We need one another to Be This actualizing Presence, This Immanence of Being so it is Real in a fully human way, embodied and lived. The True Companion Is within us all, and at this time of year we celebrate Its return, Its holy birth within each and every one of us, within the planet’s core. It is Our Collective coming forth of the Light onto the planet, into this human realm of existence. Many of us miss it, or don’t even know what the annual cycle of Return and Emergence actually is, let alone consciously participate. We get all caught up in and stressed about holiday gatherings and celebrations driven to distraction by externals dictating our every move in what has become an exceedingly materialistic show.

Christmas Fractal

The saga with my wonderful car isn’t over, but the loveliness of the unfolding included $600 of donations coming in by the end of that very same day! Absolutely blew away most of the residuals of the day’s difficulties. Some few leftovers of Humble Pie are clarifying and being consumed in the course of this writing, This Expressing. The richness of the Real includes our very human experiences. Experiencing is the amazing feedback loop of This pure formlessness in direct communion with Itself in ever-changing formations that reflect consciousness, collective and individual in remarkable ways. The incredible mutual benefit of the dynamism of the Infinite Invisible with the Visible is of unsurpassable magnificence, far outshining the material realm on its own, but illuminating the material in glories of pure Being that astound.
What is the point to this Solstice Christmas Story? Each one reading will come to their own heart of the matter and I would love to hear them. For this particular emanation body, the open system of This embodying impregnating, birthing, emerging, evolving, growing, maturing Wisdom and Compassion and all the riches of This Unfolding Natural Perfection: deepening trust, shades of disconnection and scarcity residuals brought into the ever unfolding enfolding Holyfractalgraphic Fold, the redeeming Wholeness of Being This that Only Is. Simply put, “quietness and confidence shall be thy strength.” Am so happy that whenever needed, these BIG helpings of humble pie come to the table. What a thanksgiving feast!
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Thanks Giving

Once upon a time decades ago on a planet near you, there lived a woman who heard that gratitude was a beneficial spiritual practice. She tried to be grateful. She tried hard to take the prescribed medicine of sitting quietly at the end of each day, searching through the day for something — anything to be grateful for — barely if ever succeeding. It was pitiful! Her gratitude journal day by day was slim-to-none and soon abandoned. Can you relate?

Today this woman is no more. In her place is rejoicing. She gives freely of This Love knowing that gratitude is a boundless attitude of simply Being This in a Real-m in which only This Is. The two are One.

How is This accomplished? It’s not. It’s a given. We cannot accomplish what is already so. However, there is a how to the pitiful suffering of misidentification and misunderstanding. The ego’s self-surviving machinations, coupled with the wounded child’s painful deficient emptiness, make for a toxic stew pot of malnourished existence. Even our Thanksgiving feasts are like that. It’s the very illness the indigenous people saw when the refugees and immigrants, fugitives of their time — the explorers and settlers seeking the new world — found their way to these shores. Unfortunately, they brought the old world with them. Fears and judgements, competition and rivalry, scarcity and deficiency — the how — were not liberated in the freedom of a new beginning.

The Giving Way, practiced by indigenous people giving away all for the good of all, is an actual ritual, a ceremony of life and love which is highly regarded by native peoples. It is the source of the original Thanksgiving feast. It was taken advantage of and later actually forbidden by US governmental powers. It was and is a threat to the economy. Hence, the current day stand all tribes of native people are taking at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation represents an over five hundred year history of opposing philosophies and views of Life.

Giving Way has more profound implications for sacred life. The self-serving ego gives way its existence so that the Essence of Life may prevail. This is the greatest gift any of us can give.  The Giving Way of Life benefits all people, planet, all the sacred universe of Being. Life is then realized to be a matter of living by grace, giving such that the glory of the Presence of This all- powerful Love may be known. No one, no ego can do this. It is how This we are naturally functions — we don’t have to and in fact can’t do it. Therefore there is no how.

Perhaps when the First Nations of Turtle Island greeted the English saying, how they really meant how on earth can you be this crazy? Perhaps they greeted and gave generously to the settlers with lovely innocence in unity, knowing to:

Open to receive, the Giving Way

Open to receive and share the Giving Way


For a long time, for the woman in question, it seemed as if she was seeking the Truth to set herself free from suffering in the delusion of separation. She practiced daily and almost constantly to realize what is real and true, authentic and alive. In that process it seemed as though the seeker kept dying in the finding and in being found by inherent inner Peace, Silence and Stillness. The vacillations of incarnating as somebody doing something and dying over and over eventually killed her. Her heart was broken open again and again as deeper and stronger compassion for human suffering and its causes arose in her experience. Her love for humanity became boundless in the Light of This sacred Heart.

Finally word came from an Indian man known fondly as Papaji, who through his disciple Gangaji said, Call off the search! The seeker is Who is seeking. Our intrepid seeker was just confused in identity by virtue of conditions of separation consciousness. Unconditioned consciousness was revealed as her very nature and being. The Presence was realized and over time embodied and lived as one complete all-inclusive whole. She discovered the secret of the powerful action: live the highest truth you have recognized whether or not you are experiencing it.

Cleave to Jesus. Our whole life must be simply woven into Jesus.  

Saint Mother Teresa 

Jesus as Christ represents and embodies Love and Freedom; Unity Consciousness. Cleaving to Unity Consciousness and inquiring into experience, diving into the heart of the matter with presence (unconditioned conscious awareness) revealed to her that Presence Is the Essence of everything. This happenstance, that feeling, that thought, sensation, divisive relationship, situation and circumstance — they all showed the deeper dimensions and aspects of Essence working out throughout her being and all life’s experiences.  An inner insistance to find and know the truth and the Real no matter what was actually This Love and Grace in action in her soul, mind, heart, body and spirit. Nothing but the whole perfect and complete Truth would do. The feelings of rightness, accuracy, benevolence and well-being that followed on its heels were just the icing on the most nourishing feast of all — the daily manna supplied without ceasing from the Within to the without. Gratitude gives way to rejoicing as miraculously, perception of the most misbegotten experiences is raised up in unity consciousness. She, as a little child was told a foundling myth of being dropped off at the back door by Chief Katonah. Her family gave her a tribal name: Gigglywachemach. Aptly named, she giggles a lot these days.

The Truth she realizes is that This stays, remains always as Omnipresence. Right in the midst of and with all our human experiences, This, our LightHearted True Nature, Is Being Human. This is transforming, transducing, transmuting the malformed misperceptions when our consciousness is open and receptive Hereunto. Realization embodies in morphogenic resonance with primordial sound. The Word is made flesh in original innocent blessing as the direct emanation of Original Cause. We actually live in the Garden here and now innocently wise giving way to This; in This Giving Way.

What is being described is the literal unadorned truth: we live as the as yet untapped potential of Being This Alive in human expression. Our far from pitiable woman lives the ceaseless creative expression of the self-actualizing Presence. Its constancy is ensouled in her Life of Being This Only, This that only Is. This gives all Itself, gives Its all in the Holy Instant, the eternal Now in which all time and space exists simultaneously. She lives like a Holy Fool in the instantaneity and intimate immediacy of the spontaneous arising that cannot be foretold or anticipated: never been before, never will be again, gone as soon as it expresses, Giving Way to the next wonder of ceaseless benevolent generosity of Spirit. She enjoins all who reach out to her through generous offerings shared freely in order for each to discover what is Real.

This is how she lives. There was nor is anything she can do to make it so; it simply is a matter of fact of True Nature. As such it is divine science, a lawful, orderly, and organized open living system of conscious knowing dynamic aliveness: spiritual ecology. In the whirling ever-changing nature of expression in formation, This Life is an on-going creative work of art never completed nor finished, yet derived from wholeness, perfection and completion of unsurpassable beauty and brilliancy, splendor and glory. Because This we are is incomprehensible, beyond all conceptions of the mind, yet fully alive and present right here, we are a grand unsolvable living Mystery. How wondrous to Be This Alive!

In and as This, we are enabled and empowered to walk freely, untrammeled in a world of madness that is daily marching toward oblivion in incarcerated, limited and identified thoughtforms and beliefs. We can brave the torturous prison camps and insane asylums of desperation that lack conscious awareness of This unconditionable Love alive. We can Be Giving This a-Way and that-a-way to every one we meet and to the world we, as This, encompass with our full, whole and complete overflowing Being. We are given to live as mystics without monasteries, in the sublime Real-m, the great universal satsang hall of pure Being in this world but not of it.

Loving the Earth Within

Encompassing with Love the Earth Within

Rejoicing, we draw to us those ripe for awakening, realizing and living This only. We can be deeply moved by the suffering of our companions — the One we all are — and embrace all in the open ever-loving Heart of This LightHearted Being. As This, we are free to access and respond accurately and precisely to the formation of the moment by virtue of Omniscience — Omnipotent and Omnipresent — the Almighty trifecta of our True Nature purely and humbly, solely (soul-ly) by virtue of Being This Real, This that Only Is.

We are The One and Only. We’ve only to relax and open Within, stop internal activity long enough to Be Still and Know, and This Substance flows directly in to infuse and overflow the loving cup of our unique, essential and instrumental life and expression. So let’s all give thanks for the unknown blessing already on Its Giving Way. We are The Holy Fool enraptured in and by This Love. And that’s the Truth! 



The writing of this could not have been completed without the kind and awakened editing assistance of Amaya, co-creator extraordinaire. Many thanks for her incredible participation in This Unfolding living LightHearted Mystery we are.
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Preeminent LightHearted Being

Looking at this world on Father’s Day, Solstice Stargate, and the astrological mutable grand cross that signifies a collective realization of unity consciousness, it can be seen that conflict and opposition is giving rise to greater, stronger actions of Peace, of kindness, forgiveness and Love.

Something focalizes the energy of distress, of oppositional disorder, which gives rise to a response arising in the heart and soul of people which moves them, moves us to act which actually is to embody and emanate what really Is. It’s an arising of Unity Consciousness to act for the mutual benefit of all, inclusively. We are pointing to the natural movement of This we are awake, arisen, alive and actively engaged in our world from a place of deep recognition that it’s all This unfolding and actualizing. It’s a natural movement of Love, of the courage empowered by This Love, to rise up and stand for what abides in the human spirit made conscious in the human soul and acted out by the mind, heart and body in aligned harmonic conscious union come what may. There’s no protest in this movement, it’s simply embracing what appears in living Truth of Unity.

In our journey in life, in deep self-examination, we discover that This light and love pervades all our inner places of darkness and woe, especially as we give This free reign. That’s the nature of sovereignty, of the divine mother & father if you will, within us, bestowing everything needed for our full, whole, complete & flourishing lives. We are the holy spirited wild essence child, the Only Begotten One and we are meant to live and function in concert, in aligned harmony with one another as a whole Holy Being. We experience that This, however we describe it, pervades all places of darkness and woe in our world through us – not some outside force acting upon us raining down damnation or mercy – god no! But within and through us This comes to earth to lighten the Wu Wei for all.

We humans, each and all, are essential for This to be among us, in the world but free of it. It’s an inside job that works its way out. We begin through many seemingly small acts of generosity of spirit, extending ourselves to be of mutual benefit in any way we can. That’s how This we are rolls! It’s not what we do, it’s the mode in which we act: generously, because it’s the inner impetus of considered wise compassionate joyous spontaneous free love, with no thought of return.

As This becomes our modus operandi, we begin to see it everywhere, like right now in Orlando for example. In light of the darkness of those who would judge, condemn, eviscerate those who have loved and lost, people are simply showing up to offer space and room for those who need to grieve in peace, safe from the invasion of those who insanely rejoice in their loss. In large numbers, people from many walks of life and literally paving the way for the many funeral processions to proceed without interruption. It’s an act of respect and caring by many many people. How wonderful to witness and experience the recognition active in us that we are in This together and that’s what really matters! 

To use semi-Christian lingo: this full moon solstice Father’s Day the Holy Father and all the hosts of Heaven, the Divine Mother birthing all celestial emanation embodiments have conceived and brought forth a Child of innocent wisdom, love and joy. We all of us, without exception, are This preeminent LightHearted Being of Unity Consciousness and it is time to take our place in the Solstice Sun! All That Is supports our living in a dimension of Love right where we are no matter how dark it may look: only This Light Is. The Light within the open heart ever shines lighting the way, lighting up the unified field that Is already the light, quiescent, the substance of This that all is awaiting the Holy One’s command and activation on the ground.  Arise, shine and give out the glory directly experienced within.

This all sounds lovely, it is the natural movement of our Being. So what keeps us from living it? On this Father’s Day, make it a Holy Father’s Day, check in and see what your relationship with the Father is, earthly and heavenly — they frequently are linked. I often wondered about this relationship Yeshua/Jesus had with his father/Father in heaven which he said was within us, a relationship of Unity so profound and real it radically alters reality as we know it — even still today.

What is your relationship with authority – external, internal? How about autonomy, contact and unity?  How’s your superego? Have you discovered the internal authority of the holy spirited wild essence child going about the family business acting in the Name by the Word delivering us from duality, dispelling the illusions of separation and darkness?  Have you found your inner holy fool for This Love?

Can you feel and sense into the infinity of good within you which is evidence of your oneness with the infinite source of your being?

This that gives its Life to us; holy parentage of the infinite formless if you will, gives with an intent for all it is to be awake, consciously at Home free, fulfilled, growing, flourishing, happy and joyous. All of creation is the expressive fulfillment of the Lover & Belovèd in dynamic union that expresses and is This Love we are. One glorious vibrant emanation body born of formless pure Love that is so natural and present we overlook and miss it, thinking/believing something else is real. Nothing else exists.

This Solstice Stargate, allow for an opening that brings all This Is forth to our world, to all our relating with all our relations, one kinship of Love everlasting. The Stargate is open in pure ascendency of Light, sun & full moon together, yin & yang, lover & Belovèd encompassing all the earth yearning to live free in conscious unity with all. Let’s claim This as  our Life, the one and only Life now. Let’s live from the silent stillness of the inmost luminous Heart in outpouring free Love, a living benediction, not for ourselves, not of ourselves, not of our doing but of This vast boundless all-embracing all-inclusive Love.

In prioritizing conscious union no matter what, our lives are a throbbing beacon of This Truth alive; of This Love everywhere here now; of Peace beyond mind’s understanding or the world’s making; of the Joy of Being This that only Is; of Freedom in the depths of experiencing all This Life Is. No matter what we may think or be conditioned to believe, nothing else matters, nothing else holds a candle to the Light of infinite suns, nothing else exists. Let This light, love and joy simply Be preeminent. All comes from, exists within, fulfills, completes, returns to and simply is This. 

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An Appointment With Radiance

I love this time of year: summer solstice season. This year we have a full moon so radiance by day, luminescence by night. Once I travelled in summer above the arctic circle to experience the solstice where night never comes. From sunrise to sunset to sunrise the sun shone unceasingly. Rising followed setting, setting followed rising and shining, morning and evening lost their meaning. It was all just daytime… the radiance playing in different positions throughout.

As this phrase, an appointment with radiance, bubbled up in my consciousness today I was drawn to sit in the sun on my porch flooded with morning’s rays. So powerful. So potent. So life-giving … So … Hot! ????

So this particular rainbow emanation body kept an appointment with radiance seemingly so pervasive in the outer realm this morning, still but a faint echo of the all-pervading radiance everything is. So the appointment with radiance turns into a daylong adventure. A daylong becomes day in and day out; day in and day out becomes lifelong adventure. The pure light venturing forth in a singular vast rainbow emanation body of pure Being. When the mind stills, the heart opens, the belly relaxes and this knowing awareness is self-evident. Now appearing everywhere!

Radiance always keeps its appointments. Radiance is always actively engaged by law, by decree expressing its nature, offering its infinite bounty, treasures galore. Ever here providing life-giving sustenance. To be conscious of This is to enter in and Be what is naturally radiant; to be LightHearted. We are appointed so to be. 

How do we keep our appointment? Do we have something else to do? Is there something else more important? We begin always by telling the truth and telling it until we get to the Truth that cannot be spoken. We engage in being aware, present to our mental, emotional, sensate activities, we let all that be as is and simply be aware, be aware of being aware, be in the discovery of Awareness, the simple clear light of radiance touching down in experience like sunlight touching the earth. 

No one can keep an appointment with radiance. We become aware of being radiant, of radiating, that what radiates is our own True Nature. We are that radiance radiating; This immanence emanating. Right here and now — not off in some transcendent other worldly realm somewhere else we have attained through devoted practice, but as our birthright; as what simply and already is. All our troubles & the troubles of the world are because this remains unknown and unseen, not valued in a materialistically bound consciousness. So few realize they have an appointment, it is already given.

So realization of what Is is encouraged. It’s the singular appointment of Being; the most important appointment we can keep but cannot take hold of or make happen – keeping it simple stupid, we KISSS every moment. We remain abiding in and as simple silent stillness that radiates This boundless Love. 
There’s profound simplicity, wise innocence and purity, pristine perfection in conscious union. All notions are dissolved, beyond all activity of mind, emotion, body recessed in the background while being encompassed, embraced, pervaded, and released — not of our doing. In the foreground, immanent, we rest in Peace radiating. And soon we find ourselves going about what we are appointed to do as the natural unfolding flowing activity of This radiant Being. There is a saying, “God perfects all I am appointed to accomplish.”

So, for example, we meet one another in the heart of This Truth as appointed so to do, and This naturally unfolds and perfects our meeting. Something hidden is revealed as we delve into the shadows, storm the bastions of befuddled fogginess; like a treasure hunt, we find refracting gems of deliverance sparkling in the light. We live, grow, flow and dance unfolding in the glow of Being in the know: only This Is. So simple and absolutely true; only This Is. How would we live if we absolutely knew this were true? We live the Joy of Being from fulfillment to fulfillment as that is how This rolls.

We start where we are. We realize that the most important thing is keeping our appointment with radiance. We place it in our busy overfull calendars as priority #1, first & foremost arranging our lives around it. We sprinkle our day with sparkles of radiance, infusing us and our surroundings consciously with the actuality of This Being This here now regardless of appearances to the contrary – that activity of the blind conditioned mind – we let that be and quieten, rest, bask in the sun like an old dog, aahhh, laying everything down, stretching out, expanding, opening, receiving warming rays for another breath, aaahhh…

We shift focus from the mind and its world of troubles negligent of keeping appointments with radiance: This with and ultimately living as us as This radiant Being of lighthearted nature all but completely forgotten in the hurly-burly. Our forgetting is forgiven instantly, we are here now. We lie back letting the living daylight penetrate until our bones are baking. Everything melts away and we melting merge. Only This, only This breath by breath, heartbeat by heartbeat.

Then fully rested and restored we naturally arise and shine and give forth This glory, glory hallelujah! We are essentially perfected like a diamond pearl shining luminescence, reflecting and refracting as given. Going about our business letting This perfectly accomplish all we are appointed to do, radiantly, Grace-fully, naturally. 

It all begins now right here. Not just reading & evaluating words on a page or a screen but going to where they point, opening, experiencing in your own way the expressed experience radiating in these words. Make like an old dog and bask in the radiance even if the weather is cloudy & stormy — the sun is still shining, even in the darkest night, radiance shines. The clear luminous night sky still is even when seemingly impenetrably cloudy. Be still and wait for it, penetration happens because that is the nature of radiance. Dawn comes. Daylight abounds always. 

This is alive and only has been pretending to believe it’s you alone in the dark. So, just like an old dog that just can’t wait to find that warm sunny spot and lie down letting the warmth penetrate, keep your appointment as given by radiance, by the grace of Being This that only Is. 

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Fool Hearty

Unreasonable Joy

In the radiant dawning of Now

Doesn’t mind no thing…

All objects of mind come & go

While Light ever shines 

In emptiness. 
No idea of thoughtless knowing

will ever be grasped by the mind that arises from within

and subsides like a wave. 
The still point center

The eye of the needle

While the tapestry of life weaves

Itself inclusively in deep aliveness, joy abounding

Actively engaged Love loving Life –

The ever-changing formless form – as Is, just perception 

After all…
Nothing is real. 

Nothing unreal exists. 
Who practices?

Who is vigilant?

Who is positive 

Or positively unsure of anything? 

The mind thinks there is an answer, a way to do This, something to find like many things it believes that aren’t so to stave off not being anyone not knowing and not doing anything. Whence comes such? 
The end of the relation teacher-student is nigh … Vigilance, resolve, sitting to drown in Silence are natural movements of Life’s inherent Being. 
Papaji said, “the guru is within, abiding in Silence, speaking the language of no words.” And he encouraged everyone to speak and fail utterly to express the inexpressible. How wonderful! “No teacher, no teaching, no student” just This magnanimous play of consciousness in vivid display of ever-changing form of formlessness born. The mind can find no reason for it for it’s beyond reason … 

Unreasonable Joy endlessly limitlessly dawning in and through us, all Life in full conscious awareness loving every minute no matter what shape or form the mind thinks it sees or knows something about, likes or dislikes, seeks, grasps, avoids. 
The mind is conditioned to want & seek what it doesn’t have … Peace, freedom, love, truth, joy. Isn’t that curious? Conditions are such that our systems are contracted around the opposite pole of scarcity, not having, missing something essential and searching for it outside, in “externals.” Eventually exhausting itself and falling into the black hole of missing something. This isn’t actually depression, though it can feel like it. People are afraid to go here because it means something to a resisting-the-end-of-its-domination identified mind staving off glorious emptiness. 
Is it time to join the foolhearty and yield, have you exhausted yourself trying to find a happiness you can grasp & understand, control & manage? Who knows? Perhaps this right now is the moment you stop all strategies and appreciate the dawning deep within the darkness of no self no other no mind no doer and none of the above. Such a mystery of deLight! Such a mind stopping paradox! It’s not the mind’s job to figure This out – can’t. It’s usefulness is otherwise … Wise. Used by Wisdom… Explicating the inexplicable! ???? what fun! This Is the Mystery: This making Itself explicit inexplicably❣ En-Joy the Mystery unfolding perfectly as you right here & now. Why not? Is there anything left to lose? Hmmm… ????

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Still Amid Catastrophe and Bliss

Human life is not for wimps. The divine human animal alive in a body on a planet faces and deals with catastrophe of some form or another all the time, it happens in our lives, in the lives of those we know and love, we hear about it happening somewhere on the planet every day. There are horrors and catastrophes aplenty and much of them affect us, we remember them, we find them here in the present and we anticipate them. Much of our lives are spent avoiding them, coping and compensating for them, anesthetizing the pain of them, and nothing we do keeps them at bay. We are in a panic or a frenzy in regard to them, depressed or resigned, grieving, overwhelmed, fixing and repairing the damage, or in a rage and wanting to obliterate some cause of them so they can never happen again. As quick as a finger snap life changes on a dime, suddenly nothing is ever the same.

Deer freeze in the headlights, they run headlong into cars… isn’t there after all these decades of automobiles on roads something that could happen in deer consciousness so they get that these things that come are to be avoided at all costs? Where’s the survival instinct at the very least to tell the whole species to recognize vehicles on roads are killing them? Apparently there’s no avoiding these catastrophes for deer or for vehicles. Isn’t it so? Other than riding horses, or going on foot or bike, we’re going to drive and encounter deer and they us.

We’re going to live and encounter catastrophe. Strangely, weirdly catastrophe can be bliss, and bliss can be catastrophe, and here we recognize perspectives, different perspectives. We can be in the midst of an experience that is horrifying and be in bliss, many people report this. It’s an experience that breaks apart our resistance at a fundamental level, like when we face death, or die: the biggest catastrophe of life is to lose it, or to die in horrible torturous ways, or to be a burden on others, to die when we still have children to raise, before we’ve completed our purpose, or for children to die, to lose who and what we love…

Now we recognize why bliss is so feared: because it is equally catastrophic to the self living life in a body on earth. Bliss can blow our life up, literally end it, put it in the void, not only the person living it but all the things we did, felt, thought, believed, were convinced of, the way we operate, from where we operate, how we relate, boom, gone! In an instant a breakthrough of grace, bliss, truth, love, freedom, peace and nothing is the same. Our life as we knew it to be is over. And this happens again and again and again! As much as we may want it, we are also terrified of it. Our bliss unearths the places where our souls were ravaged in catastrophe, tragedy, trauma after trauma, they come alive again in some awful holodeck program where our world today is unblelievably just like it was when the horrors initially happened, they are doing what those people did – here we go again. Getting blissed out is not the fun its been cracked up to be! We seem to go far into opposite extremes. We suffer the ravaged human soul of our own lifestream, and of the collective human consciousness, of the planet enduring our insanity. Nirvana and samsara erupt like volcanos of wonder and horror within us!

Amid catastrophe and bliss, when we neither seek nor avoid either, when we lose desire for one over the other we can realize something deeper that is never swayed, moved, ecstatic or dismayed. We can discover the silent stillness ever here now. Amid all the noise and confusion of trying to cultivate enlightenment, clearing out observations, lightening up the shadow, of trying to get where we’re not, seeking nirvana, bringing heaven to earth, thinking — believing — convinced we need something we don’t have, that we absolutely have to change what we do have – amid the catastrophe we are, there is also no catastrophe.

We cannot acquire this, learn it, cultivate it, meditate for lifetimes to get what is already here, what we already have fully available right here and now as we are, where we are, in whatever state, situation or circumstance we are in, war raging or peaceful mountain valley lake. Here amid the greatest blackout storm of the century obscuring the sun for centuries, of abject most wretched suffering, pain and loss; Here amid the most wondrous experience of joy human and divine beyond imagining; Here amid the mundane stupefying crass daily grind; always Here Now amid everything, This Is.

When we are graced to intuit, to get and understand this very good news, to recognize our true nature ever still here now then our striving for safety, our hope for health, wealth, happiness both drop away from externalized conditions and circumstances, and also drop away from all the internalized strategies, machinations, and our hopelessness drops away also. We discover an ability to fully, wholly, completely Be Here Now with courage, strength, resourcefulness, clarity, peace, joy, love, compassion, generosity, willingness; an ability to be engaged profoundly with what is with greater and greater ease and grace. The capacity to Be Still and Know This and kindly let be and let This Flow is inherent to us. This Life unfolds such that This we are experiences being fully Alive as Aliveness living humanly, a divine human creature made whole in full spectrum Conscious Presence. That This loses itself in it’s Life, amazing! That This finds itself in it’s Life, wondrous grace!

This good news received, really taken in allows a relaxation to take place in the system, allowing an openness to naturally bloom from within, bringing with it fruits of blessing and benediction that touch all areas of our being and of human and all life on planet earth naturally sharing, co-creating, playing, exploring, venturing, discovering, merging, emerging, experimenting, expressing the uncontainable vastness of our boundless True Nature with one another in peace, joy, freedom of simply Being as we are right now. Be Still. Let all come and go, arise, pass away and return in vivid display as they do and simply just Be. When something is stuck in your craw, Be. When an issue is a persistent pest, such a gift! Be. In ecstatic wedded bliss, Be. At your or your loved one’s deathbed, Be. You will see, you can’t help but Be, dead or alive.

This Only Is…

Still amid bliss and catastrophe.


catastrophe or bliss?

catastrophe or bliss?

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I Love You More …

Boundless Love fulfills
this moment with All Itself

looking out upon all the emanation bodies
inter-dimensionally and says,
“I love you more than your beauty
and more than the ugliness you are convinced exists;
I love you more than all the froth on the surface waves
the content of your consciousness, and the frothiness
even when deep in identification and story, matters not
in This Love … I include even what bothers me most about you
and offer up that I love you more than me and you
while enjoying me and you and our disturbances and joys.

I Love you more than our oppositional disorders,
more than enough to listen and hear you deeply,
and to listen deeply, to listen to how you feel love,
and express my experience truthfully, vulnerably, sincerely —
I Love you more when This Truth is loved
first, foremost and always as who we are
and we stay here until This LOVE is revealed.

I Love you more than death and all the illusions that separate us
I Love you more than my self, I Love You as This Self,
whole, entirely, completely, helplessly, hopelessly
genuinely, truth-fully, honestly, sincerely beyond all bounds
and completely here now as we are.

As This Love, personally expressed I make contact with you unto
connection, communion and union and am fully committed —
trusting even in the perfection of our imperfections
as the Perfection of This Unfolding Love
unto This Love with you, I Love you more than anything
and want for you ONLY This boundless Love
I/This give my all, all that is my life, This My Life to give.

To This Love, This Silence of most profound eloquence
embracing and enfolding each and all,
this ever-moving Stillness that unfolds and engages
I care fully give all myself every day, many times every time
awaiting peacefully in the death knells the arising of the One
Who Only Is:  This Love is what IS Here Now Only.
I remain until This True Love abides flourishing in and among us all!

I as This Love you more than any idea, than any thing at all!
More than all this world can offer, more than all the sublime experiences
balled up into ecstasies unfathomable by human worldly existence;
than all My heavenly nirvanic Life,
I love you more any possibility of being apart from you,
for, in truth, there is none such
so I Am descended to Be Here and Love You

Many Hands make Light Work of the One Heart

Many Hands make Light Work of the One Heart

May All Being awaken to, directly know, feel,
experience and live as Such.
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Birth, Death, Life and Other Matters of the Heart

There is such loveliness and challenge in being given the tasks of LightHearted Living! LHL, lol! Yet I am also deeply moved by the suffering and the challenges of my fellow LHBeing, those with whom I am honored to meet, as well as in general, among us all. Among the tasks of this companionship ministry is that of expressing as emissary of this fiery love light, requiring embodying what is given to come through for the good of all, being so released that This limitless Presence can show up as it will.  I mention this because in each of our unique unfolding and understanding, the same is true for each of us.  These words would not have come to you if it were not so.

Realization and living the spiritual Life requires everything of us.  We are in a time of tremendous change and transformation and as multidimensional beings of inherent unity, it is very difficult to remain centered let alone balanced, but it is required like never before.  I find myself saying to people to practice the Presence as if your life depended upon it!  As a matter of fact, it does.  Yet this is also about giving that life over to the Presence.  So we have the razor’s edge of determination – profound resolve to Be true on one side which involves complete surrender and letting go, total release on the other which is not resignation or giving up, false acceptance, but a far more radical acceptance of what is/IS.

Part of the journey of this particular emissary has involved deep conscious awareness and connection at all levels of Being, here embodied on earth in an earth walk and all the way through to the profoundly transcendental, the formless seamless sameness of the groundless ground from which we all emerge moment by moment.  For me, life on earth made no sense without direct experience of the Presence.  When I began the journey I had some little idea of what I was getting myself into but the unfolding has been amazing – full of awe, wonder and mystery right along with struggle, strife and great challenge/difficulty – the Great Mystery of which we are a part.  (Go to for recent expression inspired by Matthew Fox on our need for awe.)  It is frequently a matter of translating the relative and conditioned to the transpersonal and unconditioned and returning to the personal expressive aliveness of this moment’s existence, shape and form.  Free of the conditioned relative in good or bad appearance, the Truth stands revealed…

As a galactic citizen on planet earth, having some sense of what is going on intergalactically is actually useful.  Those who have been following my LH expressions know that I play with anchoring what is going on astro-wise: astronomically and astrologically.  This is because of Christian Mystic Corinne Heline’s influence who was given to see the dynamic movement of the Presence through the star gates of solstices and equinoxes.  So our mother earth/Gaia has her place in the Unfolding Perfection, and we as her conscious life do as well.

We here in the Northern Hemisphere are in mid-season of Fall this weekend aka Samhain.  On the inner planes and for us the Southern Hemisphere is mid-spring.  These polar opposites are in dynamic interplay in the unified field of earth’s life.  We in the north can experience the quickening of the newly emerging life force within us like a pregnancy of impending birth, while at the same time we experience the completion of harvest, nourishment as well as the falling away of what is no longer helpful, of use in our going forward into this new life.  In our annual cycle of spiraling movement, we undergo the deep regeneration of our beings with every leaf that falls.  Our questions for fall involve what are we ready to release, to let go of that we may be renewed, regenerated and reborn.  It is highly useful to live in concert with our place on the planet, in accord with the unfolding Presence as Life cycling around us, to be in conscious contact and participation with the natural unfolding.  What is quickening is of the new that is coming to earth from on high, the energies of renewal, regeneration and rebirth are descending into the planetary core, into the depths, and this is so true during our time of the Scorpio Sun.

This weekend we are treated to some very dynamic astrological influences, involving the archetypes of our conscious life: hybrid solar eclipse on Sunday, and an exact square of Pluto and Uranus today.  I’ve included some links for those who enjoy reading such things and discovering how they pertain to your own experience.  I began a passing interest in astrology that began with a very bright friend in high school who wanted to explore astrology and was studying it.  She did my birth chart and blew me away with the accuracy of what she saw, she reported things about me and my life from this diagram of planets, houses, constellations and relationships among them that was startling in its accuracy, that revealed things that I had told no one about, and that also revealed things about my experience.  She was just a beginner, and astrology has evolved greatly in the decades since as have astrologers.  Funny to recognize that many leaders of countries have astrologers among their counselors–have, do and will, among them that strange man called Ronald Reagan!

Here are links if you are interested in reading about this:

This ground-breaking time has great potential for freedom and living more clearly, serenely and purely as we are meant to, as the Presence alive and embodied.  The degree of the hybrid solar eclipse is 12 Scorpio which will influence our direction for the next four years or so, as will this square that has been and will be repeating several more times, but is at its most powerful this weekend.  This is no time to hold back, delay or deny our True Nature!  What lies in the shadow is being brought forth to be shed as the outmoded old model that is and will no longer be in fashion again!  We must emerge from the shadow in order to shine as the Light we are.  More and more of us are involving ourselves in the process consciously, much of humanity is along for the ride, watching systems and their lives continue to deconstruct without the benefit of a deeper recognition nor with the Peace that passeth all understanding, that still center point around which all revolves.  From the vantage point of an earthling, it may seem like a great shadow passes over the sun, that the source of light and life is darkened, and in areas where the eclipse is total, it can seem as though night has come to day.  As real as that may seem from this vantage point, from another, the sun is simply shining as it ever has, come day or night, eclipses, equinoxes, etc.  We are This ever-shining Presence and the time has come to let every other notion fall away no matter how convincingly real they may seem and instead hold to, or as Saint Mother Teresa said, “cleave to” the Truth of This that Only Is, is Alive and Here Now, with no exceptions!  Relax and let This Be.

For more on This and other matters of This LightHeart, tune in to this Sunday’s podcast  “Surrender and Die!  Why not?! Transmutation & Regeneration”
There’s no time like the Present!  (9 Eastern, 7 mountain, 6 pacific)
Phone Number: (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 113501 Direct Link in margin on right.

With great love and appreciation for your unfolding as you are, divine human at times lost in the sea of activity of human life and its demands and distractions, I Am ever with you, within you, and live as you when you relax, open and allow Me.  Make this the point of your existence in whatever ways suit you and see what happens!

In the vibrant flowing fiery love light of This LightHearted Being I Am that we are in Truth, meeting with you all ways in the Heart of Truth, ~Anrael

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Live and Let Die!

Our associative mind works in wondrous ways!  This morning the Paul McCarney song “Live and Let Die” came in to my consciousness as I was considering Good Friday and the amazing Easter Mystery that Jesus walked through.  The encouragement to “kindly let be what is” that is a dynamic part of our LightHearted Living actually allows this very profound paradox to take place: live and let die.  LightHearted Living is very much about becoming increasingly alive, of being attuned to the Dynamic Aliveness of our Holy Being and letting it infuse our systems.

A large part of our Liberation Work is to take what is externalized in our experience, bring it in to our consciousness and examine it to see what we are calling real.  Our dream life can be interpreted like a dream and can be just as elucidating to us as “the royal road to the unconscious” a sleeping dream is.  When we consciously find our way into our unconscious we are no longer unconsciously driven to behave in ways that perpetuate our suffering.  Our perspective is that self knowledge leads to the Self Knowing of Being, and to make conscious brings the light of Awareness to the shadowy underworld of our unconsciousness and with the light we wake up to our inner darkness born of our conditioning.  As we do this we die to our unconscious small self and begin to live closer to, in connection and communion with, and ultimately as our great Self of Uncontainable Love, Great Spirit, Great Mystery.

From Absence emerges full-spectrum Life and Love!

From Absence emerges full spectrum Life of Love

Today is Good Friday.  Last week during our meeting a companion innocently asked, “What is good about Good Friday?”  The nature of Self-inquiry is to dive into such questions and find out — what could possibly be good about the torturous death of a beloved master given to minister to people with such love and compassion as the world has rarely seen?  What is good about such a sovereign powerful being that overcame the illusions and delusions of separation consciousness to heal and provide for everyone including raising the dead?  What is good about suffering crazy humanity that put him to death and let him die?  How can this good be applied to our daily lives?

This Easter Sunday I am given to offer a special podcast audaciously entitled “A Death Defying Divine Fool for Love!”  To really get within ourselves what makes Good Friday good is to face death.  Most wisdom traditions on the planet have initiations that involve dying, facing death.  It’s definitely part of Shamanic pathways, and was the opening of Sri Ramana Maharshi’s Self-realization at age 16.

Change, the life of impermanence as Buddha so exactingly revealed, involves dying. Creation, preservation and destruction are all part of the One Life we live, and are represented by three gods/goddesses in the Hindu religious lexicon.  On our spiritual journey we die to our small selves over and over and over again until it no longer gets up, until we “stop playing with bones in the graveyard” as Papaji put it.  As one who has walked this pathway, I can assure you that letting be leads to letting die, allowing leads to the most profound surrender of our own lives to the One Life of our True Nature.  As we consciously open in This we discover Eternal Life.

This is what we celebrate on Good Friday.  That one man united in Consciousness and mastery lived and let himself die so that he could demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that death is an illusion of the conditioned mind; of our trance state of separation.  Death is given us as a reality so that we can release ourselves from the attachment to form and be given additional opportunity to realize Truth with a fresh start in a new incarnation.  We can do this while we live!  Those who have known me over the decades know that I am on my third ‘official’ incarnation within this lifetime.  I have died to my entire life many times.  So Good Friday provides us the opportunity to walk through the Easter Mystery of death and resurrection leading to ascension right as we are now.  We can live in such a manner as to let die so that Truth can be born and live within us more clearly, truthfully, genuinely.  We can live and let die the old ways of being that create so much suffering for ourselves, our fellow beings–all our relations and the world.  Resolve to Be a death defying divine fool for Love, not by fighting death, but by defying the condemnation of mortal separation consciousness that binds our lives to the graveyard unconsciously resisting death at all costs.  It’s costing us too much!

If we take the metaphor of the Garden of Eden, after having eaten the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge of duality consciousness (i.e., Good & Evil), we were given birth and death.  This may seem like condemnation (and has been taken as such by the Judeo-Christian religions primarily) — but what if it is an opportunity to get free of the knowledge of duality and the suffering it brings?  To get back to the Garden and eat again of the fruits of the Tree of Life?  Have you ever considered that Eternal Life, Holy Being that is All that Is lovingly and compassionately gives Itself the means of recovery and return?  What is it that Jesus as Christ Consciousness — as Unity Consciousness fully embodied demonstrates by letting himself die that could be demonstrated in no other, no better way?  That Life Is what Is, and it is Good!  We are This Life.  We are Good, originally blessed, not irredeemable “original sinners” of shame and blame.

Friday is a day named for the Goddess, depending on which language derivations you use: from Frigg of the Norse to Venus of the Romans.  Interesting that we commemorate Jesus’s ultimate surrender on a day of the divine Feminine Principle.  The arising of the masculine naturally interplays with the allowing vulnerable receptive openness of the feminine.  So perhaps we should say, “Let die and Live!”  As we go through these next three dynamic days we can spend some time in the depths of human consciousness as Jesus did while in the tomb.  We can engage with Unity/Christ Consciousness that is transforming the death hall into a birth hall, the tomb into a womb, the Womb of All Creation.  We can all emerge triumphant over mortal consciousness having rolled away the stone of materiality and demonstrating that Life includes but supersedes death, as does Love, love unconditioned and eternal that is our togetherness that lasts beyond the grave and lives in our hearts no matter the conditions and circumstances of appearance!

We don’t fight what comes.  We live and love beyond all thought and consideration of our selves for One Life, One Being, One Love thereby making the transcendent Immanent demonstrating with our daily living that Only This Life and Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Joy actually Is.  We stop eating of duality oppositional self/other fruits as our daily servings of thought and attention operating in fear, judgement, resistance and unconsciousness.  In letting Be we let die.  In letting pass away the old we let the new be born out of the limitless Womb of All Creation for the Good of All!  We fulfill our purpose in being human Being!

When we are conscious we can choose.  When we choose again and again and again day after day we can arrive at the choiceness flow of Divine Life and Love in Action we are.  Then the foreseen New Earth is given birth in, through and as US, the Unity Self we are in Truth.  Only This Is, I This Am, This we are united as One, as No-One, as This that Only Is.  Live fully and let die realizing for ourself our Self abiding within awaiting our return, the knock upon the door which opens unto to US all we are.  Any small step in this direction changes everything for the better.  Let us begin right now, let die the self who says, “I can’t. I don’t know how.”  Let’s not replace it with another “I” who can or thinks it understands, but let be, let Being Be, just for a moment, and see.

Paul McCartney & Wings, \”Live and Let Die\”

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Smiling Skies

This morning the smiling rainbow skies
air filled with sparkling magic snow dust
the glorious splendor of morning sun…

the unique snow flake
lifted up into the calm open air
the shimmering face of God revealed smiling down
on such a devoted dedicated one smiling up…


the snow flake formed in its own design
belongs to the snow field of which it is a part
belongs to This that snows
in an empty clear sky of radiant blue
the earth cloaked in resplendent sparkling white

a crisp clear pure robe bejeweled
with refracting gems…

Earth bedecked and crowned in glory;
stopping just a moment to notice:
it is always so, and all the sons and daughters
all the relations are the crystalline shining


showing its true nature for all to see

heaven and earth through these eyes smiling.


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